“As any activity, cycling presents opportunities and challenges for minimizing COVID-19 risk of transmission. Cycling has been considered a healthy option for exercising and is recommended as a COVID-19-friendly form of transportation by governments. It is done individually in well ventilated spaces and gear sharing is easily avoided or managed…” – Adventure Travel Trade Association

We are very happy to welcome you on one of our wonderful Discover France tours. We are going through exceptional times and we do understand that they can be challenging. However, we make the safety of our customers a priority, and we’ve taken all the precautions and safety measures to adapt our protocols and those of our partners to ensure the safest trips possible with minimal impact on your experience.

Before you arrive:

Before anything else please make sure to check the latest official information available regarding Covid 19 and traveling to Europe/France.

On our side, all the personnel has been trained / briefed regarding Covid19 safety and health protocols: each bike is not only checked for any necessary usual maintenance, but it is also thoroughly cleaned and properly disinfected, along with all the pertaining gear (helmets, bike accessories. GPS unit,etc.)

We have a quarantine area where all the gear and bikes are stored waiting for sanitation.

Upon arrival:

All our agents are trained to follow the health and sanitation protocols, wear masks and proceed to disinfection between each customer / groups of customers.

On your tour:

Social and physical distancing:

We encourage small groups, FIT or household groups as we promote social distancing. On our side, we also maintain trip participant numbers as low as reasonably possible.

Of course, physical distancing does not need to apply to household units and you can ride in your own “bubble” since the tours are self guided.

When riding:

Groups are organized to promote physical distancing.

We encourage you to consider riding staggered, not immediately following another rider, or not immediately next to another rider.

We do understand that using face coverings while riding is a hard decision for cycling because of the potential to restrict breathing while exercising. However, we encourage you to use face coverings when physical distancing is not possible or during stretches of proximity.

Staying in one of our partner accommodation / side activity :

All the partners working with us are committed to following the required Covid19 health and safety protocols.

After your tour:

All bikes and pertaining gear are stored in a quarantine area, pending sanitation.

Wishing you a very good tour on the roads of France.