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European Family vacations - Tours

Looking for travel ideas for family vacations? France is a great family vacation destination and we are adding to our list of family travel options. Currently, we have a number of cycling and walking tours that are very family friendly. We realize that a family of adults as well as a family with children both very young and adolescent bring a variety of abilities and desires to a cycling or hiking trip.

By family friendly what do we mean?

  • Our cycling and hiking tours can be accommodated to many.
  • We offer trailers for small children, trail-a-bikes for larger kids, and individual bikes for children through teenage years.
  • Depending on the ages and abilities, we can advise what the best solution is for your situation.
  • We have had elderly family members come along to and instead of cycling or walking we have arranged transfers and vehicle rentals to meet up with the family as they explore the countryside.

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