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P. Manner

United States
Bordeaux and Dordogne - 2017-08-29
This tour is magical! The hotels, food, service, bicycles and routes have been amazing!! We had so much fun. We have a couple of suggestions but they are minor. The hotels with dinner included were wonderful - Chateau du Sanse and Metairie were particularly nice. I can't even describe how incredible the service and food was- Perfect! The other hotels were adequate especially the one in Bergerac which was excellent - we found the proprietors interesting and fun to talk to. The one in Saint Emilion was in a fabulous location, although it was as you said, only 2 stars. The one in Sarlat was fair with respect to location and service but the room was nice. We would definitely book another tour with Discover France or wherever else you operate. Although, the guide messed up the orientation time, we had no trouble reaching you and we appreciate that. Once we get home, we can share photos with you! We would be more than happy to recommend Discover France. It really was a trip of a lifetime! Thanks

D. Peter

United States
Croatia Istria Wine Roads - 2017-08-24
All is good so far thank you. Orientation and airport pick up was brilliant. Been at the San Rocco since we arrived and that's excellent. We move into the hills tomorrow. Bikes are good and the routes have been fine so far. Food and wine fab. Thank you. Dawn and Peter


United States
Provence Lavender Fields & Vineyards - 2017-08-23
We had a fantastic trip!! Flo did a great job setting us up with bikes and pre-programmed Garmins (love the Garmin!!!) on the first morning. We were very happy with the hotels (except for La Bastide de Grignon - the one we had to switch out in Grignon). Next time we'll book earlier so that hotels aren't full. We lucked out on the weather, it was a bit windy a few of the days but really warm. The routes were great and the scenery spectacular. Lots of amazing food and wine as well

P. Oshea

United States
WWII Normandy Tour - 2017-08-23
We just wanted to say that we had a great time cycling in Normandy. We had no problems with the bikes or with the routes. There were actually more cycle lanes than we had expected and you had picked out plenty of quiet roads in other places. The hotels were also ideal. Have to give a mention to the food in the Lion d'Or in Bayeux, and also the owners of the Grand Hard hotel who were lovely.

P. & M. Marais

South Africa
Provence Best Of - 2017-08-22
We're back in Cape Town, after a great trip! Handover of the bikes with Theo went well – bikes were perfectly comfortable, and we didn't have any mechanical issues at all. We really enjoyed the route you planned for us and appreciated the route planning to keep us on the quieter roads as much as possible. With the holiday season and the great weather there were some busy bits but we never had any dangerous moments. We would try and get a large chunk of each day done before lunch as the afternoons were all super-hot – but this made it more rewarding to reach the hotels each evening. The accommodation was perfect. Each hotel was different with its own highlights – which made each stay-over memorable. So thanks again to you and your team for a wonderful experience. Provence is spectacular, and I feel your route showed off the countryside and the towns to the fullest – with just the right amount of endurance required each day for an average fitness couple such as ourselves. (the GPS was a winner and took all the navigational stress out of each day – we would have struggled without 1 . . . . just please note on the last day of riding back to Avignon, the finish point was about 5km from our hotel – it took us a little while to figure out where we were) Good bye and all the best,

S. Johnson

United States
Provence Best Of - 2017-08-17
We've had a great time on our tour and have enjoyed the countryside. I had only one flat tire. We got lost just once, today riding to the hotel; the directions for the short ride were a bit confusing on the map to get us to the hotel. I turned Google maps on, and we found it. The ride today was a bit challenging for me considering there were many hills/mountains, but I persevered! Smile. The hotels have been excellent, really nice places! The pools are a nice treat to look forward to after a long day.

P. DePrey

United States
Provence Best Of - 2017-08-17
Our bike tour went very well. Raphael was quite thorough during our orientation on Thursday evening. The bikes functioned well and the tour routes were interesting and fun. Both the hotel la Breche and the Mercure in Blois were nice places for us to stay. We especially enjoyed the boutique style of la Breche and the kind attention from the staff there. My only comment is that the multiple options for way-finding were difficult to manage since we second guessed our directions many times--ultimately we settled on following the GPS unit and that worked quite well. I understand that many people require different styles of learning and following routes, so the comment isn't a negative one regarding your planning. I would recommend your service for people who have never biked in the Loire Valley before.

G. Tucsa

United States
Beaune and Burgundy vineyards - 2017-08-16
I had a great time in France! I spent the first and last night of my trip in Paris, and stayed in Beaune for 4 nights. The hotel was pleasant and clean, nothing too glamorous, but pretty much what you'd expect from a 3 star hotel. The staff was nice, most French people in my experience aren't fluent in English, but are very helpful. My favorite place in the hotel was the garden - I'd sit outside in the evenings after dinner. It was light until 9:30pm, so I'd read my book and enjoy a glass of Pinot noir :). Biking was a great experience! I loved the French countryside and chateaus I saw along the way. I found the routes very challenging, but I think it was largely due to the hot weather and humidity (it was over 90 deg F every day, although I'll take that over rain any day!) I actually skipped the last day of biking, and took the train instead to Nuits St George and walked around, visiting wineries. I also went swimming to the Cote Plage in Beaune, which I highly recommend to anyone traveling there in the summer, and it's only a 10 minute bike ride from the hotel. Overall I had a great time! I travelled alone, and I'd definitely advise anyone else to go for it too! Thanks, Gina

N. Leonard

Catalonia Mountains to Sea 5 Nights - 2017-08-16
So far it's been amazing! The Olot loop was an awesome ride and in Santa Pau did an amazing (but difficult) hike up to Ermita Santa Maria de Finestres. Descent to Girona was beautiful and the carrilet was usually pretty nice to bike on. There was not too much traffic on the path which was nice. I decided yesterday to do the Girona loop before heading to Sant Feliu and S'Agaro. The Girona loop was beautiful once I got out of the city (the first bit goes through a very crowded touristy street which was hard to navigate). All paved and wonderful landscape. The descent back down into Girona was really nice as well. For the most part the ride down to Sant Feliu was nice despite the wind blowing at me the entire way. The route got a lot more crowded once I got near Sant Feliu which became a bit of a pain. [...] Looking forward to the last loop today. No problems with the bike, I only wish there was some way to carry the saddlebag like a backpack since it can be difficult to carry around when hiking. As far as hotels go, Girona was definitely the nicest room and the S'Agaro room was not as nice as the other two. Minor concern but the internet connection at S'Agaro was pretty poor last night. None of it is too big a deal since I am not spending a lot of time in the room. S'Agaro had amazing food last night and a good breakfast this morning. It was great to have dinner included at the Olot hotel both nights -- wine and water where included on the menu which was great. All in all it's been an amazing experience thus far!

R&M Tyler Jr.

United States
Alsace Wine Route - 2017-08-14
Thanks for all you did in helping us plan our trip. It was a memorable trip and was a highlight of our vacation along with watching the Tour de France in Le Puy en Velay. I thought the lodging you set up for us was outstanding. The Hotel Cour d'Alsace in Obernai was a real luxury along with its restaurant. It's nicer than what we usually stay in and was a real treat. The Hotel St Martin in Colmar was great because it was so centrally located. Steve (I believe I remember his name right) who gave us our orientation in Strasbourg was very friendly and thorough. I also appreciate having the GPS because the trip would have been very tedious to navigate if we had just had the written directions [...] My wife and I really enjoyed sampling some of the local wines which are hard to find in the US and were amazingly good. Take care and thanks again, Bob

D. Stone

United States
Loire Valley Castles Deluxe - 2017-08-14
It turns out we were fine with the three days, and turned in the bikes and GPS last night. It's been wonderful: great tracks and exercise, and the destinations and accommodations-- amazing (both hotels first-rate). Hotel Mercure has this incredible breakfast-- you have to experience their fresh pressed raspberry juice.


United States
Loire Valley Wine Tour - 2017-08-14
Overall, how fabulous this trip was! Such a great mix of adventure, beautiful paths, and every day was another journey to explore. The hotels and staff were top notch - so friendly and the accommodations were excellent. The only issue we had was that some of the hotels did not have AC That was not even a consideration or concern until we faced 100 degree+ weather, but that could not have been predicted! [...] I would recommend this trip and I have to say, the e-bike was a life savior. Thank you for securing that for me. Thank you, Maggie, for planning this with us- well organized, and you are very responsive and helpful. We will be investigating a similar trip in Germany next year. Very Best

S. Bewley

Provence Classic 5N – Avignon, Arles... - 2017-08-14
The bike tour was fantastic on every level. Thank you so much. All the accommodation was great. Staff were friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed the French style of the hotels...they are so beautiful and well organised. The villages we went to were so quaint. Next time I do such a tour I think I will ride every second day so that I would have time to spend in the villages. Biking everyday took most of our time. The bikes were great to ride..very comfortable and I'm so glad I got an e-bike in the end. I think I got the GPS sorted by the last day. Maybe I'm a slow learner or a little more instruction in how it works would have helped. All in all, getting bamboozled by the map and GPS created some adventures and stories. Once again.,.thanks for planning and organising this tour for us. I will be back. ☺☺☺ Regards

A. Symonds

United States
Mont Ventoux to Luberon - 2017-08-14
We are back and unpacked and I now have the time to give you some feedback. Overall, we had a fabulous time! Provence is lovely and it's an area of France I have wanted to tour for a long time, having already been to Paris, the Loire valley and the Toulouse area. The hotels were great—very comfortable with gracious staff and beautiful grounds. Everything worked well. [...] The best food was at Le Mas de Carassins. The food, presentation and setting were amazing—a wonderful end to a delightful bike tour. As for the biking, it was more challenging that I had anticipated. I think Mike knew it would be hard, but he had a carbon fiber road bike and I was on a heavy hybrid. The first day was difficult as the wind was blowing at 30mph and I felt I was going to be blown off my bike. It was also quite hot—but that was anticipated because we were there in early July. The GPS worked well and we never got lost. No problems finding places to grab a bite for lunch or a drink along the way. All in all a very fun trip—albeit challenging. The pools were a great respite at the end of the day! Thanks again for your help in arranging this tour.

C. Berger

Passau to Vienna 7 Nights - 2017-08-14
We made it home and are spending the day reliving the trip. You and Discover France did a great job! The bikes were great . . . in good shape, well-tuned, and we did the entire trip without having to even pump tires once! It rained on a couple of the days, but the panniers kept everything we were carrying dry. I can’t say enough about the routes . . . absolutely beautiful, and darn easy to follow. We never even turned on the GPS. The only change we would make, but others might not, is to divide up the trip from Melk to Tulln into two days instead of one. For us slow riders, those 50 miles wouldn’t have let us spend much time at the wineries, which is why we made arrangements for a car and driver on that day. (Thanks again for doing that for us; it worked out just swell!) Finally, the hotels were perfect. Very European and not a bit like a Holiday Inn . . . which is exactly what we like. We loved every one of them. The guest house in Grein was a bit of a challenge, as it was about a kilometer out of town and at the top of a VERY steep hill . . . and the innkeeper didn’t speak a word of English. However, we loved it nonetheless as it added to the adventure. [...] Thanks again for all of your help on the Danube trip, Maggie, and for making arrangements for us to stay a little longer on both ends of the bike ride. Everything was perfect and you have two satisfied customers. Tell your boss to give

C. Burt

United States
Amsterdam to Bruges 7 Nights - 2017-08-14
We had a great bike trip - the routes brought us through small towns and fields full of cows. The equipment was well maintained and suited to the terrain. The garmin gps was fully explained to us and we had no problem following the route. The restaurant tips were very helpful, especially in the smaller towns. We liked all of the hotels, especially the room we had at the bridge hotel in Amsterdam overlooking the Amstel river and the Roosevelt in middleburg.

M. Graham

United States
Provence Best Of - 2017-08-10
I LOVED my trip!! It was an excellent itinerary and I enjoyed all my accommodation and the friendliness extended by the owners and staff. The included dinners were delicious! The Scott bike was great! Thank goodness no punctures! Tour organisation and contact was excellent! I was very impressed with the call from Sebastien offering me a transfer due to Avignon weather report following the Mt Ventoux day. So thanks to the team- Maggie, Sebastien and Mannuel for his good orientation meeting. I have already recommended DiscoverFrance to a number of friends and I certainly hope to do another tour. Back to work tomorrow! Regards, Mary


Provence Classic 5N – Avignon, Arles... - 2017-08-07
On the whole, an excellent experience, very well organized by you in all respects. Thanks! More specifically: 1. Bikes: Impressive new Ultegra Scotts, thank you! Very happy with their handling throughout. 2. Itinerary : Beautiful and well thought out 4 days (esp. stunning rides on days 1 and 4, I thought) All in all, thank you for a great four days. Stavros

A. Leonard

United States
Amboise Cycling Loops - 2017-08-07
We did enjoy our rides. The bikes were nice and smooth to ride, and the hotel was awesome. We did a balloon trip last nigh and loved it. Thank you for everything! Anne

B. Schmidt

Loire Valley Secret Castles and Wine - 2017-08-07
We had a truly memorable experience. The orientation was very thorough. PThe GPS was a life saver as were the hard copy maps. We rarely lost our way and in each case, it was our fault, and it typically required only a minor correction or brief backup. Our accommodations were superb with perhaps one exception. In the case of our second night, while the service and food were excellent overall, the hotel itself--the facility and the grounds--simply did not compare to the others. We will give to our friends, fellow riders and interested people our highest recommendation of Discover France. Thank again for a marvelous adventure


United States
Burgundy Wine Tour - 2017-08-03
The orientation and communication during the trip was good! [...] Hotel des Remparts was quite elegant and we loved it there. Lovely breakfast and it was a fabulous location. The Vougeot hotel was nice too but there was only 2 other people there so kind of different but comfortable. The food was very good! We really liked the Domain Armelle et Barnard RION. It was on your list and very good tastings and wine education. And truffle!! We would definitely recommend this tour. The routes were spot on (and challenging).


Amsterdam to Bruges 7 Nights - 2017-08-03
We loved the tour and it far exceeded our expectations. The scenery, routes, and different experiences we encountered along the way were fantastic and the weather was very kind to us - only one very cold and windy day. Peter, who started us off on the tour, was very professional and helpful. We had a very thorough orientation of the bikes, equipment and maps and all our luggage moved along without a hitch. Peter was there to meet us at the end and, unfortunately for him, had to walk our luggage into Bruge as the city was closed off for a Festival. Thank you to both of you for facilitating this special holiday experience.

D. Scaife

United States
Dordogne & Lascaux Cave Tour - 2017-08-02
Everything is fantastic - the bike is a good model and in good condition, very happy with it. The hotels have all been superb, and the routes spectacular. I have no complaints at all. In particular the GPS has been fantastic. I've done a cycling tour without a GPS before and found that I was stopping every ten minutes to get bearings, but the GPS simplifies it a lot and lets me concentrate on the ride and the sights!

T. Bracaglia

United States
Catalonia Mountains to Sea 5 Nights - 2017-08-01
A quick note to tell you that Wendy and I loved our trip and to thank you for setting it up on short notice. Carlos, who met us, has a great way and was very informative. The Hotel Can Blanc was pastoral and the Hotel Nord 1901 was urbane. They were perfectly matched to their towns. Gerona is wonderful. Our weather was perfect, the loop rides were fun and the El Carrilet was serene. Finishing at the sea on a sunny day was as good as it gets. This is our third trip with Discover France and we are already thinking about where to go next year. Thanks again. Tom and Wendy

S. Patrignani

United States
WWII Normandy Tour - 2017-08-01
The owners were lovely and we enjoyed this place and the others very much. We did cut short the mileage a couple of days as there were so many interesting museums to see, but it was a fabulous trip. Thanks so much ! Cheers


United States
Loire Valley Castles Deluxe - 2017-07-27
It was a wonderful trip, and I would recommend it to others. I’ll look at the website for a place to leave a review. Here are some thoughts for your consideration: The routes were very well planned. We liked having the option to take different distances. Great job choosing the sites to stop and tour. Raphael was very helpful pointing out the places we should really spend time at. The Chateau de Villandry with the gardens was gorgeous. The scenery was amazing and the routes took us through villages and vineyards exactly as described in the brochure. The people we met were friendly and helpful. Each Chateau was more amazing than the last! The service was impeccable and the food was incredible. We looked forward to each new location. No one could believe the pictures I sent home to friends and family. There’s nothing like this in the States. At each place the staff expected us, and often the luggage had already arrived and was placed in our rooms. The local Discover France staff was also excellent. Raphael was right on time with our bikes and made sure the seats were adjusted and we were comfortable riding them. His colleague showed up on time to transfer us to Chinon on the last day. He even pointed out Sleeping Beauty’s castle and let us stop to take a photo. As you said, they were trustworthy and reliable. We never worried about our luggage. [...] Overall a wonderful trip, I’m telling all of my friends to use your company. It was really the best of both worlds, to be taken care of yet on our own to do what we wanted on our own schedule. Thanks for your support and willingness to answer all of my questions leading up to the trip. I’ve copied Steven in case he wants to add in any additional thoughts.

A. Solberg

Gordes Provencal Escape - 2017-07-27
Hi, everything was perfect. The bike and routes were great. I really liked the area around Gordes. It was a nice hotel and the staff were very friendly and helpful. All in all a wonderful week cycling in Provence...

C. Haigh

Élysée Tribune - tickets - 2017-07-26
I just wanted to a big Thank You to the whole team at Discover France, we were in the Elysee Tribune to watch the conclusion of the Tour de France. Booking the tickets was super-easy, mainly thanks to the fantastic help (and ongoing communication) from Chris Lucas. Picking up the tickets and the information provided was excellent and the tickets were incredible! A thoroughly enjoyable experience - can't wait to use you again!

T. Teitel

United States
Alsace Hiking - 2017-07-24
The tour was amazing - thank you again for all of your help organizing everything. The routes were beautiful, and really easy to follow (I think twice we got off track but it didn't take us very long to get back on the path with the gps). Otherwise really I loved the whole trip - it was exactly what I wanted

A. Bar Dayan

United States
Loire Valley Secret Castles and Wine - 2017-07-13
The bikes where great with no technical problems at all, the hotels where very good. We really loved them all ,especially the one in the first night, breakfasts where perfect. Dinner in the first hotel was also great and unique. The route planning is very good and we took the long way in the last two days because it was so beautiful and fun. Great roads and views... riding with the GPS was easy and we almost didn't miss a turn.. I do recommend having much bigger maps of the area and roads in order to be more involved and aware of the plan and position.. The orientation was very good and Joe was very nice and reassuring as well we took a lot of pictures along the way. The country side here is just amazing. Thanks for all the help and advises i really think it was fantastic. I am already thinking about the next trip...

N & F Bourget

United States
Loire Valley Secret Castles and Wine - 2017-07-12
We had a fabulous time and would do this type of trip again for sure. Raphael took good care of us and we felt safe knowing he had our backs in case of any issues. We liked the bikes and the hôtels were very nice. As for improvements, well we rode during a heat wave so air conditioning is the biggest top of mind comment, however, I know you cannot control that. [...] Loved the itinerary- everything we saw was fabulous.

R Wang

Provence Secrets - Pont du Gard - 2017-07-03
Everyone had a great time! We made the trip without major issues other than a flat tire on kid's bike. The hotels and restaurants are extraordinarily and we loved them! Thank you so much for your assistance and made it possible for us to have wonderful experiences! I will recommend you to my friends and look forward to another trips in future

Robert Grove

United States
Dordogne & Lascaux Cave Tour - 2017-06-29
Another success for Discover France. The trip went off entirely as planned. The hotels were good and, due to the heat wave at the time, I am glad we paid extra to insure an air conditioned room in Sarlat. Thank you for being flexible with that request. The bikes performed perfectly. Due to the terrain, the pedal assist e-bike was the best 105 Euro I ever spent. [...] The hotels were very charming and local in nature. Especially wonderful was the Clement V in Belves, run by a charming couple who made us feel like we were in their private home. [...] Cheers, and hope to do another tour in the future with Discover France

G Gregory

United States
Bordeaux and Dordogne - 2017-06-29
We had a very enjoyable holiday thank you. The bikes were excellent and we did get a second GPS. Routes all enjoyed but probably need someone to cycle them again as there were various opportunities to stop off for drinks etc......seemed a little out of date. It is a very beautiful cycle and varied. Loved cycling through the vineyards of St Emilion and reasonably flat first few days to get you prepared for the hillier terrain of the Dordogne with its stunning scenery. We particularly enjoyed Chateau de Sanse and Le Clos D'Argenson....both excellent. Enjoyed the meals at all the hotels especially at Chateau de Sanse and Hotel La Metairie. Very much appreciated the lovely pools at all the hotels. The hotel in Sarlat was a good location and good room but the staff there were very poor totally unlike anywhere else we stayed where we were always greeted and looked after really well. It would have felt more relaxing if the luggage did not need to be put out before 10. Regards Ginny


United States
Provence Lavender Fields & Vineyards - 2017-06-29
We've had a great time - tiring, but lovely. Gorgeous countryside, spectacular chateaux and too much excellent food. All of the places we've stayed have been ideal at the end of the day's ride, with good bathrooms, good beds and good breakfasts to get us going again. It was great having some dinners included because normally we wouldn't have chosen anything like a set menu with multiple courses - you tipped us over into experiencing this most fine aspect of French culture. The bikes were great. When setting up we got distracted by the need to get my bike seat up higher than normal and forgot to check all the gears. Fortunately there were only a few hills where I wanted to change down to my lowest set, which wasn't available on the lever. Most of the way it was great - smooth, light and comfortable. On the last day, just yesterday, when we realised we'd gone off the proposed track again we just gave up and followed the official Loire A Velo signs instead - a perfectly lovely route without the stress.

D Chidgey

United States
Provence Classic 7N – Uzes, St Rémy... - 2017-06-29
The tour went very well, thank you. It was quite hot which made some days a bit difficult but I was very happy with the support we were given. In general the bikes were excellent and the garmin worked very well. I recall that there were a couple of written instructions that contained mistakes, e.g. saying Turn Right rather than Turn Left, but these were recognized and easily managed at the time. We had a bit of drama trying to find our hotel in Uzes. I ended up calling the support line and they were very helpful. Also we had to shorten the length of a tour one day due to the extreme heat and the support guys were once again helpful. The guy I spoke to (I think his name was Sebastian) organised for a taxi at no extra cost to drop us and our bikes at a particular town so that we could start that day's tour from there.

D. Bosserman

United States
Provence Classic 7N – Uzes, St Rémy... - 2017-06-29
Hello Maggie, we had a wonderful time. Thanks for putting together such a great tour. The mileage was just about right for us. If we were to do this tour again, we would request one less night in Avignon, and a night in Chateauneuf-du-pape. We rode to the village to do some wine tasting, but would have preferred to spend the night so we could do some more tasting. The bikes were excellent, just what we were hoping for, right size and in great condition. This trip, we had much better luck with the GPS. The transfers were all just fine and Fabrice was a good "orienter" who helped us figure out what to do when the GPS goes haywire. The route maps were good, and the restaurant recommendations were, as always, good. FYI – we encountered one day where the route book and the GPS differed; it was on the route from Usez to Arles.

Mc Namara

United States
Provence Classic 7N – Uzes, St Rémy... - 2017-06-29
We had a wonderful time on our cycle trip! It was really the best way to see a region. Mum and I completed a similar style cycle trip in Italy with another company 2 years ago, and they weren't half as professional as yourselves. That and the fact that you have GPSs, made for a really comfortable ride, never having to question whether we had taken a wrong turn (which happened every day in Italy where we only had a guidebook/notes). In addition, the bikes we had for our trip were far more appropriate than the ones we had in Italy. The hybrids we had were perfect bikes. They ran smoothly and weren't too heavy for the uphills. Then, when we cut out the hills on a loop ride (another day of heat wave, so we decided to shorten the loop), we rode several kms on gravel (with suspension on), the bikes performed well. Fabrice's introduction, talk through and explanation of the GPSs were great. He really had some great tips. It was definitely noticed and appreciated that the routes passed by some fantastic attractions or points of interest. We were, however, unlucky enough to have a heatwave fall on the exact week that we cycled! It meant that though we were more than capable of completing a days riding, we were often exhausted at the end of each day. You could imagine the despair, when we got a flat tyre 35 km into the 60km day in 35C heat! Lucky there was a shady spot nearby. We all laugh about our various reactions to it now.

M Miller

United States
Provence 4 days - 2017-06-29
We had a great great time! Patrick was so helpful and awesome! Thank you for all of your help. Personally, my favorite part of the trip were the routes we biked on the last two days. And I loved ending in Le Baux with a great view the first day! And getting to see and stay in Gordes was something I am so glad you included. Every day was great but I loved the small villages you had us riding by, particularly the second day, and overall I thought you did a great job planning the entire route. I felt like by biking we got to see so much and I fell in love with the area even more than I already was. The bikes were great and although we had the gps i think we definitely could not have done it without Patrick's guidance and having the van to lookout for at certain crucial turning points along the route. I also thought Patrick was very helpful with his knowledge of the area and terrain because he told us when to expect hills (and if the climb would be long or gradual) as well as when to expect downhills . This helped us get a sense of what was ahead, and pace ourselves accordingly. It also helped my mom decide what hills to avoid in order to save her energy. The delicious lunches he put together became a highlight for each of us everyday too!

Bert Nixon

United States
Loire Valley Classic - Villandry to Chambord Castle tour - 2017-06-27
The tour has been fabulous, everything I hoped it would be. The one thing you could have done differently is turn down the thermostat. That is the main reason for the e-bikes. The heat just takes too great a toll and we want to enjoy the ride, not demonstrate how tough we are. The hotels have been good. Everyone has been extremely pleasant and we have enjoyed our conversations with people, especially J.P. At Hotel XII in Luynes. He lived near where I grew up in California and has kids living near where I live now, so there was a lot to talk about. We're looking forward to the next three days on the ebikes. Your team has been helpful and very professional to work with.

Tommy Holderness

United States
Provence Bike & Canoe Tour - 2017-06-27
Bikes were great. Directions and routes were great. It was a little busy getting out of Avignon but I don't know how that could be avoided. Our only problem was on the hike with the Garmin, but it wasn't that big a deal. Hotels were all great. Gonoud was our favorite. Glad we had two nights there. Canoe guys were great. Luggage transfers were easy [...] We will recommend you and hopefully return ourselves.


United States
Gordes Provencal Escape - 2017-06-21
We had a wonderful holiday. Your rep Theo was right there as we got out of the security area at Marseille airport, he was very very nice, drove us to La Mas, set up the bikes and gave us a very thorough orientation of the maps, GPS etc. The bikes were superb, no problem at all with the cycling, they were really good bikes and I was so glad we had electric bikes, otherwise I don’t think I would have made those ascents. The taxi driver was there for us on our last day right at 10:30 am and was very nice and drove us to Marseille. The routes you chose for us were wonderful, beautiful scenery and we especially enjoyed our last day cycling up through the mountains – the scenery was beautiful. The Mas de la Beaume was lovely and met all our expectations, we met 2 British couples and ended up having dinner with them on our last night which was really fun. Many thanks for all your work in helping us co-ordinate this special trip for us, it was wonderful and I loved Gordes and Provence. I would definitely travel with your organization again and recommend your company without any hesitation to friends.

Graham and Vicky Peinke

United States
Sardinia Island - 2017-06-13
The bike tour was absolutely fantastic – we loved it. We will definitely recommend Discover France to our friends. The hotels were brilliant – we have done bike tours with other companies before and found their choice of hotels to be poor – so it was really nice to have great accommodation. This was a real highlight. Your restaurant recommendations were also very good. Both Vicky and I were really glad we took the E-Bikes as it was un-seasonally hot – a number of days the temperature was above 30 degrees C and we had to climb some serious hills. Based on our age and fitness I would say the route should be graded more serious than


United States
Normandy Landing Beaches - 2017-06-12
With regard to the trip, we were very happy. The bike paths in the beginning were a welcomed treat, so pretty and serene. The level of service the group provided was great, we had 2 flat tires within 3 hr. timeframe ~ bad tire on Brendan's bike, we were able to return to the Inn at the end of the day and asked for a new tire and tubes be provided the next morning, which they were. All in all a very successful trip. Thank you again Maura

Patricia and Gary Napper

United States
Amsterdam to Bruges 7 Nights - 2017-06-09
We loved the tour and it far exceeded our expectations. The scenery, routes, and different experiences we encountered along the way were fantastic and the weather was very kind to us - only one very cold and windy day. Peter, who started us off on the tour, was very professional and helpful. We had a very thorough orientation of the bikes, equipment and maps and all our luggage moved along without a hitch. Peter was there to meet us at the end and, unfortunately for him, had to walk our luggage into Bruge as the city was closed off for a Festival. Thank you to both of you for facilitating this special holiday experience. Patricia and Gary


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Provence Classic 7N – Uzes, St Rémy... - 2017-06-09
I had just said to my husband that I should contact you to let you know how the trip went. Then I checked my emails and found one from you. We had a wonderful time thank you. The bikes and the organisation were great. No problems with bags, bikes or accommodation. The weather was good too. No rain while we biked and only the last day was a bit windy. We found your company (yourself included) very professional and helpful and we would recommend you to our friends. We are going to Italy tomorrow for a 10 days then back to France to meet up with some other friends in Toulouse. Home beginning of July. Thanks again


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Provence Best Of - 2017-06-06
First let me say that this has been one of my most memorable and wonderful trips due primarily to the choices and planning done by discover France. Bravo! We still have two days and are loving it. None are critical. I am so grateful for the Degree of planning done by discover. The hotels have been lovely. Rides spectacular. Gps perfect. Selection of meals included. The wine tasting with Guy was wonderful and the timing perfect. Michael and I spoke about what we like the most: that it is up to us which towns and sights to focus and how spontaneous the experience. This would not be possible without Discovers brilliant and detailed planning. I will be recommending discover to all my bicycle enthusiast friends at home.


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Tour of Languedoc Region - 2017-05-26
We enjoyed cycling in the Hérault, the Massif Central, Roussillon, and seeing the Pyrenees on the horizon. The sceneries were natural beauty, very peaceful and the roads were perfectly paved and easy for riding We like St Guilhem, the first village in Languedoc, and all the cycling routes, ones close to the large gorges carved in limestone, the ocre and white mountains, the endless vineyards, the lavenders and colorful flowers that just sprouted in early Spring. We rode through quiet and small medieval towns, crossed the Durance and the bridges, and many clear rivers with bedrocks, enjoyed the sounds of waters and birds. We stopped by Minerva, had picnic lunch at Lake Salayou and many stops for picnics and coffees. We really like cycling along Le Canal du Midi which we did all the way from Siran to Carcassonne also the Aude rivers to the Fortress. Hybrid bikes made cycling along the canals more easy and very pleasant and brought us to different towns along the canal where there were many bridges and windmills. We cycled close to every locks that we cycle through and saw the engineering of locks and the people on board of boats passing through and waving at us. The hotel of stay at Chateau Lignan was very nice, and of course the two nights in room with balcony and views of the citadelle and the black mountain at La Cite in Carcassonne were superb. Thanks for all the upgrades. The town that we could skip should be Siran where the only restaurant in town was a drinking pub.


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Provence Classic 7N – Uzes, St Rémy... - 2016-12-09
Thanks Chris. Overall we had a very good trip. The luggage transfers were quite good and reliable. The hotels varied but were all good. We particularly liked the hotel in St. Remy – really quite beautiful. The orientation was great and really gave us the information we needed. The bikes were slower than ours back home but were reliable and seemed quite durable. The only negative relates to the riding in the industrial or heavy traffic areas – that is hard to avoid given the cities we elected to visit – maybe next time we would look for a custom route that focused more on the countryside and less on the heavy tourist areas like Avignon or Arles. Bests. msp


Mont Ventoux to Luberon - 2016-12-09
Hi Chris, We had a great week overall and have nothing but praise for the communication, organisation, quality of equipment and hotels selected. Flo did a great job collecting and orientating us. La Garance was very charming, beautifully run with lovely staff and the food in the restaurant across the road was first rate. Mas de Carcarille was also lovely although I did find the manager (tall slender fellow with a beard) had a bit of attitude - the wi-fi went down during our stay there and he really wasn't very interested in fixing it. I relied on the wifi everywhere I stayed to keep in touch with my family back home so it was rather important to me. Only an observation. Mas de Carassins was also a delightful hotel and what an amazing garden. We enjoyed the cycling routes and I even made it up the Ventoux, my husband calling it quits at Chalet Reynard, we tackled it from Sault but descended down the scary Bedoin side! The route to Gordes was lovely and Gordes itself is fabulous. The bikes were first rate and in great condition. Our only comment would be the size of the locks, given that we had to carry a bit of gear each day being self-guided, they certainly added a lot of extra weight to the bikes. The GPS worked well and we checked with the road booklet when uncertain. Slightly clearer printing on the maps would be helpful. Overall we felt Discover France did a first rate job and provided great value for money. We will certainly look at doing another trip with you and have no hesitation in recommending you to others.


Tuscany Classic - 2016-11-01
Hi Maggie We have been touring Rome for a few days, so haven't really had a chance to respond. Cycling Tuscany was amazing!!! - bike routes were excellent. We really enjoyed the scenery, and the routes were a perfect mix of hills and enough breaks between. The instructions were excellent, they clearly let us know what to expect, and when. We found our approx 50 km to be just right. Yes, we could have done more, and sometimes finished fairly early, but the towns were so interesting, we know we would have been disappointed if we had less time to tour towns. - our hostess, Guilianna, was excellent. She gave us a great orientation, along with good dinner recommendations. We had a flat the first day, and a broken zipper on the bag, and she had replacements to us first thing the next morning. - the bikes were great. Very low geared, which made the hills so easy (think I should re-gear my bike at home! Lol!) Good quality bikes, nice and light - the breakfasts were really good. Much, much better than France. Doug was very hungry in France, they did not seem to understand Celiac. The gluten free bread served at breakfast in Tuscany was so good! We want to find a way to import the bread to Canada! - we also liked the hotels better. They were in vibrant towns, with lots to do. In Bordeaux it seemed we went to our hotel and that was it. Ate dinner and went to bed. The hotels in Tuscany were of excellent quality. -we also preferred staying in the same hotel two nights in a row. More relaxing, and next time we would bring less luggage,because we know clothes could be washed by hand and hung to dry In conclusion, we preferred Tuscany to Bordaux, Food, scenery, routes, towns.....much more interesting, I will send pictures in another email, as they are not on this computer. Kind Regards, Mary and Doug


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Provence Tour Avignon Cycling Loops - 2016-10-27
Hi Valentina. Thanks for checking in. So far we are enjoying Avignon and Provence. The bikes are good except that David's has a squeak in the rear wheel. It only makes noise when he's rolling. Mine is a bit out of adjustment too--the front chain ring seems to be rubbing a bit. But we LOVE having the Garmin. Without it we would be reluctant to head down tiny narrow country roads. And the hard copy turn-by-turn directions are useful too. We enjoyed canoeing and cycling back to our hotel. We also liked riding to chateauneuf de papes. Yesterday it was rainy so we decided to tour the palais de papes. Today there is a mistral so we will ride over the bridge to the market rather than do a long tour. When we come back here in the future we will come a few weeks earlier to take advantage of more sunshine and warmer weather. Our hotel is comfortable and the owners are very friendly and helpful. Thanks for checking on us. We may have more feedback after we get home. Kind regards Cathy


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Castles of the Loire Valley Classic Tour - 2016-10-27
Hi Maggie, We loved the Loire bike trip with Discover France. Everything was as agreed and then some. Info as follows: Bikes: terrific in all aspects, though perhaps the seats were a bit hard. We were given repair kits which we fortunately did not need but were happy to have. Routes: gps was invaluable and reassuring that we were on the right path. The length and sights we saw were great too. Loved seeing the countryside, animals and agriculture. Most routes were on gravel or small country roads which we liked and only occasionally on busier roads which we did not. Hotels: had wonderful service at both hotels and good breakfasts too. The dinner in Amboise included in the tour was outstanding. Wine tasting: another hit! We were joined by 4 others and it was an informative and enjoyable experience ....we shipped some wine home. Your colleague, Ron?, was excellent in explaining everything so we felt very comfortable with the bikes and routes at the start. Meg Munaretto


Loire Valley Bike & Canoe Tour - 2016-10-21
The operator Discover France worked very well for the appropriate profile. We chose the 7-day program: Multisport up graded. • The Bike - 5 days were ideal for the group. • Best hotel in Discovery package was the Chateau de Marçay. · Hotel le Choiseul: • The big positive surprise it was the Troglododo. • Restaurants: the hotel Le Choiseul Amboise was very good. Les Grottes Azay le Rideau with very special menu. • E-Bike is a great solution for everyone. It was great idea to confirm this way for us. Valentina Tks for all support. Tks so much Janice


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Loire Valley Classic - Villandry to Chambord Castle tour - 2016-10-14
Maggie, I am finally getting back to you with feedback about our trip. Sorry it took me so long. Overall, we had a great trip. Lisa said this was the best trip she has ever taken (and she has taken a lot of trips). The tour format was great. The GPS navigation and travel book approach worked well for us. We arerecommending Discover France to all of our friends. I will try to mention both the things that we really liked, and the things that we felt could have been better. Day one. We liked Tours and we liked the convenience of our hotel location with lots of restaurants, etc. right outside our door. Our room (Hotel Colbert) was nice and our innkeeper could not have been more helpful and accommodating. We liked both the inn and the innkeeper. Day Two Tours - Villandry - Chateau of Saché - Azay le Rideau The bike ride the first day was excellent. We really enjoyed the bike paths and the small country roads that we took to Villandry. Villandry was really charming and we enjoyed touring the castle grounds (castle closed for renovations). Our room was very good. We were fortunate to have two rooms at our hotel, one room with a king and a second room with two twins. This provided us with room for our luggage. Otherwise it might have been a bit tight, however, with the two rooms it was great. Day Three Azay le Rideau - Chateau of Ussé - Village & Château of Langeais - Luynes Again the bike ride was great, nice country roads with little traffic. We thought that our inn and dinner in Luynes were the nicest of the inns that you selected for us. As it turned out the owner of the inn used to run the ski school and race program at Squaw Valley and currently has a house in Reno, so we had a strong connection with him. We ended up going to his house for wine and cheese and meeting his wife, having breakfast together the next morning, and making plans to get together this winter at Tahoe or Reno. Our room there was very nice and the restaurant service and food was excellent. Overall a memorable evening. Days Four and five Luynes - Village of Vouvray & vineyards -Village of Montlouis & vineyards - Amboise This was our least favorite biking day. The ride around Tours was way too congested with traffic (unfortunately this situation was aggravated by a marathon that was occurring when we went through and there were cars parked everywhere). Our hotel in Amboise (Hotel la Brèche was just OK. The room was very small and the dinner was OK, but not really good. We enjoyed the bike rides both days. Days six and seven Blois We enjoyed our bike rides out of Blois both days, nice rides in the country with very little traffic. Our inn (la Maison du Carroir) was far and away the nicest that we stayed in and we would strongly recommend it. Despite our inability to speak french and their inability to speak English we got along fine with google translator on our phones.This is a really nice inn. Overall we thought it was a really great trip. We would recommend the hotel upgrades and we might do more dinners through you. Lisa loved her ebike so much that she may buy one. I was not as enthusiastic about my hybrid. I am used to a road bike and found the hybrid not so much to my liking. I got along fine though and given some of the bike paths, it was likely the correct choice. I would not bring my bike shoes and pedals again if I was riding a hybrid. After our tour ended we rented a car in Blois and drove to Normandy. We used the car rental company you recommended and it was great as well. Overall a very nice trip and one that we will remember. As I mentioned we are plugging Discover France with all of our friends. Thank you, Randy and Lisa


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Provence Classic 5N – Avignon, Arles... - 2016-10-11
Hi Valentina, Thank you for checking in. We are back at the hotel after doing a little sightseeing in Arles. We are LOVING our trip so far. The staff at each hotel have been wonderful and helpful, and the food has been delicious. The weather has been really nice, a little chilly but sunny. We got lucky and found a restaurant open in Tarascon called Bistro des Anges. Many places were closed on Mondays. I will send along a few photos now that we are back at the hotel with WiFi access. Thanks, Mary


Castles of the Loire Valley Classic Tour - 2016-10-09
Hello Chris, First of all, the overall arrangements and logistics by Discover France made for a very pleasurable experience. Thank you for making the arrangements for us on short notice. We loved our three nights in Clos d'Amboise and although different, the Mercure in Blois was very good. Certainly Chenonceau is the crown jewel of the three château during the trip. Chambord was also wonderful.


Castles of the Loire Valley Classic Tour - 2016-10-03
Thank you, Valentina. Yes, we are still in France (just drove to th Dordogne today). We loved the bike trip and the hotels were great. Our dinner at the Hotel De Breche was absolutely fabulous! Exquisite food and service. The bikes were great too, the gears changed smoothly and we had no problems with them, other than the water bottle holders falling off the handlebars. Other than that, we loved the chateaux, the towns, and the hotels, and had a terrific time. I will and some photos later. Thank you. Marielle


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Provence Classic 7N – Uzes, St Rémy... - 2016-09-28
In any event, thanks for checking in with us. The whole trip was utterly amazing. I'm sure I do not have to go into details about the different places on the route, but we were also favored with perfect weather (70 +/-), clear skies, and even a substantial tail wind on the long, flat leg from Uzes to Arles. That, coupled with being there after the Summer tourists had left, made for a perfect trip. Cannot say enough good about the bike/equipment setup. We had only one flat tire the whole time, but felt that the tools, tubes, and especially the pre-programmed GPS provided a very comforting level of confidence for all of us. As far as the hotel accommodations went, the hotels in Avignon and St. Remy were outstanding. The hotels in Uzes and Arles, while more than adequate, were not up to the same level. At each one the staff support we received was excellent and we felt both welcomed and cared for on our journey. All-in-all a great experience. The only problem we are having now is deciding which tour we will be taking next. Best, John


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Provence Tour Avignon Cycling Loops - 2016-09-26
Brilliant! We're having a blast.


Bordeaux Wine Tour - 2016-09-26
Bonjour Maggie, Thanks for your request. We have finished our tour and are relaxing in Paris. Here's some brief comments and we will send you some photos when we get back home next week. We had a great trip and want to do another one. Bordeaux is beautiful. The accommodations were all fantastic. Everyone was friendly and expecting us (a worry when you travel like this). Bikes were really good except the tires were quite bald and yes, we had a flat tire. But we got it fixed with the equipment you supplied. The luggage transfers went without incident and are a great relief when you are traveling. Tony did a great job briefing us and giving us confidence that everything was organized. The routes were terrific. Mostly easy riding with just enough hills to keep you huffing and puffing a couple of times per day. The Abricotier location was terrific. Staff were friendly. The meal was Michelin great. The main thing for us was that everyone took in our bikes without a problem. The combination of GPS and printed directions is a good strategy. Over the course of 4 days there were a few times where one of them was dead wrong, but a little common sense usually prevailed. For example, the road out of St. Macaire is closed for construction. We needed some experience and a bit of luck to figure that one out. We took a lot of photos and would be happy to share them with you. We will be back home next week and will contact you. We are definitely interested in doing another trip, not sure where yet. Thanks for all your help. Regards, Doug


United States
Burgundy Wine & Food Tour - 2016-09-25
Hi, Maggie, Thanks for your call and email. We are having a great time. First, you should know that I have been a Francophile for a long time. Love the Country, the people and everything French. This is our fifth trip here. And we love biking, too. We've done Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Germany, The Danube to Vienna, and Amsterdam to Breuge. The DF bikes were the best! Really wonderful equipment. The routes are wonderfully scenic, though "rolling countryside" is a bit misleading. We've done a couple of Category 1 hills over the course of three days, and a Cat 2 in that loop of Vougeot. A long uphill slog of between 1 and 2 miles. We've had to walk the bikes up those hills. Of course one feels great after doing it, but there's a little muttering during it. Slept well that night. Hotel la Cloche was excellent, though the staff a little impersonal. Chateau des Gilly is quite impressive. Beautiful grounds and setting. But it's such a huge property that it costs a small fortune to maintain and sadly it looks a little tired. The decor is ordinary, the room sparse and the amenities like soaps shampoos, body lotions not up to the standards of a "Small Luxury Hotel." We've stayed at many over the years and this one might just barely qualify. But I'm being too picky. The food was very good, the service excellent, and the staff wonderful. The Pastry Chef has to be the greatest in the world. The two desserts we had were the BEST we've ever had. Chateau de Challenges is utterly charming. Not quite up to the others in its physical assets, but thoroughly warm and classic Nineteenth Century French. One last item about navigation. The cue sheet takes a little getting used to and seems to have a gap or error in a few places. But when combined with the Garmin GPS there are no serious problems. EXCEPT that yesterday going over a rough patch in the middle of a vineyard, the top of the unit flew off and onto the road. Batteries scattered. The back of the unit was still on my handlebar. I was able to find the top and reassemble it. It worked. Phew! But the top doesn't stay clipped firmly to the bottom now. I had to tie it together. So you should appraise whomever is going to retrieve the bikes of this. Picture is of my wife, Joey, out there in the vineyards of which there are thousands. But, hey, as they say here, "It's Vin, Vin, Vin all the time in Beaune. Very Best Regards, and thank you so much for taking such an interest in our adventure. Jim Baffico


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Corsica Hiking from Corte to Calvi - 6 Nights - 2016-09-25
Dear Maggie, Our holidays are really great. We decided to stay 3 more days in Calvi. The routes were perfect not too hard but hard enough. At the end of the route you are satisfied. The first hotel we stayed in was not great structurally - older buildings and the room was very small. But the staff was very professional and cordial. The rest of the hotels were fine. We had a great and I would recommend your tour to others. Thank you for your help to get this organized. Ciao, Barbara


United States
Brittany to Normandy - 2016-09-24
Hi Maggie, Sorry we missed you, we are having a wonderful tour! Great weather, hotels, meals, stories. Will fill you in later with some great pictures. Take care, Walt


United States
Alsace Hiking - 2016-09-24
Hi Maggie, We had a great time on the trip. Alsace is beautiful and we enjoyed walking through the vineyards, visiting the towns, the architecture, the flowers, the castles, and the wines--everything. The GPS was really helpful. The telephone orientation with the guide was difficult since we had to pass the phone back and forth to ask our questions. Then whoever had the phone had to relay the reply to the rest of us. It would have been helpful to have a conference call so we could all hear the questions and answers at the same time. They were very gracious and welcomed us into their winery but it was uncomfortable to impose on them. Thank you for all your hard work in arranging our trip. I’ll try to get some photos to you in the next couple of weeks. Trish & Bud Nicola


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Provence Secrets - Pont du Gard - 2016-09-23
Hey Maggie! We had the best time! It was wonderful! I only wish we could've biked for a few more days! Both hotels were great, we especially loved the hotel in St. Remy. The food was to die for and the grounds breathtaking. The biking routes were fantastic, and Honestly the perfect mileage. It gave us time to enjoy ourselves and relax and take in the sights. Those roads are stunning. We loved it and would totally do it again. I would say so far has been the highlight of our trip. Thank you for all of your work organizing! I will definitely send pictures when we have more time. Merci!! Katie


United States
Alsace Hiking - 2016-09-23
Overall we have had a wonderful time and are very pleased with our trip. There were a few issues, and in the next few days I'll send a detailed report, including pictures. This is a lovely area, especially the small villages, and we enjoyed hiking through the vineyards. The wine is wonderful, too! I'll be in touch soon. Teri


Provence Tour Avignon Cycling Loops - 2016-09-23
Hi Maggie, Your company people and the hotel did their utmost to make our stay enjoyable. The hotel upgraded our room. The mistral made the cycling a challenge. C'est la vie. John Taylor


Languedoc, Cathar Country - 2016-09-22
Bonjour Maggie We are in Collioure. The trip has been fabulous, met our expectations and then some. We really enjoyed the routes and all the hotels and the B&B have been wonderful. I have left the gps with the hotel reception, and they have a signed return and I have the other one. We have also left the wheel with the broken spoke with the bikes. Thanks Deb


United States
Mont Ventoux to Luberon - 2016-09-21
We're still touring, will be back to the states on Friday. Had a wonderful time, the roads were great, accommodations excellent! Four of us did make it to the summit of Mt Ventoux. We did have one mixup. One of the cabs dropped us off at at CTG instead of central station and refused to take us into town. We called DF and they took care of it. You really see a company when things don't go right and DF came through! Thank you! We have been sharing our pictures on a shared site, you are welcome to see. Thanks again for a wonderful tour.


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Loire Valley Wine Tour - 2016-09-21
Maggie, We want to let you know we had a wonderful time on our Tour through France of the Loire Valley Sept 10 - Sept 16 2016 . All of the Accommodations where great and the Wine tours were fantastic. We learned a lot about wine making and wine tasting. All of the people we met were so friendly and helpful. We did study a little bit of the French language before we left so it was fun to try to talk in french to the people we met. Luckily their English was better then our French so we had no problems communicating. The Garmin GPS was amazing, it is a must have. We met several people on bike tours with other companies that did not have a Garmin and they were having great difficulties finding their route. The Bikes were great. We did have very minor problems so here are our comments about those. 1) Trip from Amboise to Vouvray tried to take us over a river on an active Railroad track. Their was no alternate path along the Railroad, so we had to find an alternate route. We did meet another couple with Discover France Tour that also were at this same spot trying to figure how to get across as their directions also took them over the railroad tracks. 2) The Trip Books had distance for the turns. Both of the Odometer devices on the bikes were essentially worthless for distance, so we finally ignored it and just used the Garmin GPS. 3) GPS Holder on my bike was held on by 2 Tie Wraps and were useless after 5 minutes. The wraps kept loosening and the GPS would spin upside down so that I couldn't see it. Had to use a bungie cord to tie down the GPS. 4) At Hotel "La Maison Jules" in Tours, they were closed when we showed up, they are a bed and breakfast and have asked that the closed hours be posted on the info sheet. The inn Keeper was picking her kids up from school when we arrived. This was a very lovely place and our favorite place to spend the nite. 5) Kathys water bottle holder kept falling off. we finally just put it in her Pannier. Again Very wonderful trip and we highly recommend it to everyone. We appreciate your checking in on us during the trip. Richard and Kathy.


Champagne Best Of - 2016-09-21
Hi Maggie, We had a fantastic time and thank you very much. The area of Champagne is wonderful to explore. The hotels you chose were great. The people at the Jean Moët suggested we do a tour of the Moët Chandon house, this is a must for all of your guest. We did however find two of the bikes didn't like being in the lower gears. I would recommend your tour to anyone. Thanks for all your arranging, Cheers until next time, Victor


Provence Classic 5N – Avignon, Arles... - 2016-09-20
Hi Valentina! We are having such an amazing time! Our cooking class in Avignon was incredible so thanks for arranging it. Our cooking instructor was Caroline, an Avignon local who showed us some easy to make Provençal dishes, and taught us about the foods and cheese of the region. We are absolutely loving our trip. The ebikes make our days a little less exhausting so we can walk around when we arrive at the hotels. Jer had a flat tire this afternoon after hitting some glass, but we were able to patch it up, and were easily able to contact Jean for a better tire fix when we got to Arles. We have found people to be extremely warm and accommodating of our less-than-perfect French. I am so glad we booked this, and are already imagining future trips. Thank you for taking the stress out of such a fun holiday!


United States
Tour of Languedoc Region - 2016-09-20
Good evening Valentina, Just wanted to send a quick email thanking you for everything you did to make this trip memorable. We had a great experience and the weather co-operated making the trip that much more enjoyable/memorable. Everyone (as in all the hotels) was great throughout except the Hotel Cortie in Thuir, which was not comparable to any of the other hotels we stayed at. I am letting you know so that you are aware for future bookings. The room left a lot to be desired (even for a "luxe" room) and in speaking to the current owner, we learned he sold the hotel and is leaving in the near future so it may be a case where his interest was waning and the new owner didn't have time to get the hotel in order. It was a let down to see the room after the other rooms we stayed in. I am aware that you told us in advance that the usual hotel was fully booked but this hotel was in no way comparable to any of the others we stayed in/at. Thanks again for arranging a great trip and we'll definitely be looking at other trips in the future. Your call part way through our trip to find out how we were making out was a great personal touch !!!!


United States
Castles of the Loire Valley Classic Tour - 2016-09-20
Hi Valentina, WE LOVED EVERYTHING!! Biking along the paths through small villages, forests, fields was a thrill. Of course the chateaus' are spectacular. The bike equipment was top notch and Rom oriented us with patience and enthusiasm. The lodging was perfect. The B&B in Amboise was charming with friendly hosts. The hotel in Blois was funky with great location and FRIENDLY staff. We couldn't have been happier. I can hardly wait to start looking for our next biking adventure with your company next summer. I'll be looking again for a 4-5 day self guided adventure. I'll forward some of our photos from my phone. Please note that Bruce collected a


Languedoc Wine and Heritage Tour - 2016-09-19
Dear Maggie We came back late Friday evening. We have been very, very pleased with the trip, and I was looking for if possible to rate you on Trip Advisor but did not succed. I rated the Aberge du Cedre, the hotel in Sommieres and in Montpellier. Everything has worked so fine- I will just list some of it. -Arriving in Montpellier, the young guy picked us up and drove us to st. Guilhem- he was very professional and very nice. Helped settihg us up with bikes and all the equipment and so on. Give him our best regards. -Bikes were excellent, right sizes and no problems at all.. -GPS worked fine -Maps and trip directions, were excellent with load of details, that were all correct. -Classification of level of the trips in red, blue and green was good and nice to have. I never understood why the trip to Nimes was blue and not green (is it because of the lengh?). We had been a bit concerned about the red/blue trip from Guilhem to Sommiers (we are not so young)- but it went well for us. -Hotels: We were very pleased with your selection of hotels, and we got the beds as we had asked for. We have done one trip with Discover France in Dordonge maybe 5 years ago and was also very satisfied. Previously we used a small Danish Company for our biking trips, but there was always some problems here and there. Your trips are about 20-30 % more expensive, but you deliver on all the parameters which we find is important. kind regards Mette


Loire Valley Secret Castles and Wine - 2016-09-15
Bonjour Maggie Thank you very much for your email. Apologies for the delay in responding as we are still in Paris. Rom went through the briefing with us on the afternoon before the trip started and he was most thorough and patient with us. The Cannondale bikes were very good with added comfort that the tyres were a touch thicker. Thankfully there were no punctures. Routes:- we found the routes did cover a broad spectrum of the Loire Valley landscapes but we found that we were cycling on too much bike tracks. We appreciate bike tracks are safer but they got very monotonous - a better mix of bike tracks and more country roads would have enhanced the sight seeing aspects of this gorgeous part of France Accommodation:- Chateau Baullieu- perfect place to spend the first night as we could start the trip that morning from the back of the chateau straight on to the bike track. We had very little idea of how far the chateau was from the village centre and by the time we checked in it was close to 2pm having taken the train from Paris and then a cab from Tours station. The village centre to the chateau is a bit of a hike and without any transport I asked whether they were serving lunch. She tersely advised that they had stopped serving lunch at 1.30 pm. She didn't even offer 'Madam could I make you a sandwich' so we went without lunch that day and dinner wasn't served til 7.45 pm that night. I respect their policy but it is a family run chateau and this would never happen in Australia. I would have thought tourism is critical for their survival under the present circumstances. Room given to us was extremely small but had good views. Both dinner and breakfast meals were satisfactory. Hotel Monarch Was a friendly atmosphere and comfortable air conditioned room and centrally located. Both dinner and breakfast meals were satisfactory. People running it were very obliging. Hotel Diderot Appreciate it is a two star hotel run by a terse Canadian /(French ??) lady. At breakfast we were given a tiny glass of locally made apple juice no other juices were made available it would be too bad if you are not into apple juice. She made available bread and toast and only goats cheese ( I am not a fan of goats cheese) and dried fruits - no fresh fruits, cereals, cold meat nor eggs were made available. A breakfast with no protein makes a morning cycle very unenjoyable. I don't generally book a two star joint and I can't recall why I booked this accommodation as it has been a while ago. The brochure said a very friendly run hotel. I had to make a call to Sydney the next morning at 7.30 am and was speaking on the phone in the front courtyard during my call she interrupted my conversation and told me I was disturbing the rest of the guests and I should be having the conversation outside her property. I don't have a loud voice so I don't really know what her problem was. I hope other fellow cyclists have a better experience in this hotel than I did. Chateau Verrieres This last chateau was centrally located only 12 mins walk to town centre. It is a gorgeous chateau set in beautiful grounds and Pascale and Francois are most hospitable. Francois took us around the chateau. Was given a gorgeous room overlooking the beautiful grounds. Was served a full English breakfast. Dinner booked at Le Grand Bleu was enjoyable although service was on the slow side. This hotel ticks all the boxes. I hope I have given you some indication of our recent cycling experience in the Loire Valley. All in all it was a very enjoyable trip with beautiful weather. Thanks for all your help in the organisation leading up to the trip. Kind regards Evelyn


United States
Loire Valley Secret Castles and Wine - 2016-09-13
Hi, Maggie, Things are going great. We have many opinions and much to laude about. For example, Chinon is a great place to have NOT dinner booked for versus the others. In term of opportunities for improvement, the Azay’s market is open on Wed, not Tues. Also, the Chateau Lisette (?) just outside of Azay is a true pleasure. It Rodin worked and had a relationship with Claudette is a real treasure. It is open from May to Sept but otherwise occupied by its owners. Thanks for everything. We are having a great time. Tim


United States
Alps Cols Trophy - 2016-09-12
Our cycling trip was great! - Mainly because the weather cooperated. The weather forecast was for rain and lightning for the duration of our stay, but Sophia reassured us that the forecast is often wrong and changes all the time. And she was right. She and Yan gave us great advice and recommendations regarding the routes and were very responsive with any requests we had. And Martin's cooking was gourmet. They really were a great asset to the whole tour package.


United States
Provence Bike & Canoe Tour - 2016-09-12
We had a morning of fun and excitement climbing the rocks and crossing scary bridges and one that was only a cable. Every day has been sunny with temps in mid 90's with no humidity. Caves next!


United States
Loire Valley Classic - Villandry to Chambord Castle tour - 2016-09-12
Hi Maggie, Bike trip was great! Weather was hot and dry, mostly. Bikes were quite a bit heavier than what we were used to (we ride lightweight, carbon-fiber road bikes at home), but they worked well and we just adapted to the slower pace. Hotels were fine, too. Loved the one in Azay le-Rideau, the one in Luynes and the one in Amboise the best. We had two dinners included that were delicious. The final hotel in Blois was my least favorite -- too much traffic noise that never let up, no fan (it was hot!), no fresh fruit of any kind at breakfast and I have had a larger shower in a sailboat cabin. But the front desk help was always friendly and cheerful. Connelly was our leader and said the GPS worked great. We saw so many castles and chateaus along the way. A great trip! Thanks much - Linda


United States
Burgundy Wine Tour - 2016-09-07
Hi Maggie. Thanks so much for checking in. We haven't quite made it down to dinner yet (still cleaning up after a nice, and much needed, dip in their pool after our ride this afternoon). Everything is going well with the bikes and the routes that were planned for us. Our guide on Monday night in Beaune explained everything to us very well and it's been easy going since. Well, except for the hills. Lots of hills here in Burgundy (Long Beach...very flat). Let's just say that we are earning our wine... The Hotel des Ramparts was wonderful. Wish we could have had a few more nights there. And we've only been here in Vougeot for a couple of hours, but the staff here has been very friendly and helpful. We're going to head downstairs now to check out their cooking. Thanks again for everything. We're having a fantastic time so far. -Dan


Loire Valley Castles Deluxe - 2016-09-06
Bonjour Valentina, All is going well. The routes have been great. The bikes are heavy but are working well. No real complaints. The hotels have been great as well. The restaurant in Domaine Beauvois was outstanding. We are really enjoying the chateaus we are seeing. Just one more today and then our legs will thank us for being done. I'll share the pictures once we can look through them.


United States
Passau to Vienna 7 Nights - 2016-09-06
Dear Maggie: We are having a wonderful time (even with rain yesterday and today)!!! The bikes are fantastic and the detailed route books are spot on! The hotels have been great. The Zur Post even has air conditioning!!!! I've been taking photos on my camera, so when I return home, I will send you some. Tomorrow is our long day (80km), but it is supposed to be sunny and 28C. Thank you so much for your help in coordinating everything for us. We look forward to more cycling with Discover France in the future. Randy


New Zealand
California Wine Tour 7 Nights - 2016-08-29
Maggie Going very well thanks! We are taking a little more relaxed approach with this trip. Laura and Andy have been fantastic , really looking after us and going out of their way to save us having to do a back track to pick something up. They have both been checking in on us as well. Healdsburg was the coolest little town so far. We both really enjoyed it. We arrived Tuesday and John and Karen from the Haydon St inn took us and the other guests down to the free concert held every Tuesday. They are great hosts and I'd go back to the town and stay there again, all on its own! The riding has been good, the weather mostly warm to very warm and definitely dry which is good. Probably stopped at 1/2 doz or so wineries..... Was up looking at the redwood trees this morning. Some of the roads are a bit busier than what we found in France but traffic has been very good. Scenery has been impressive at times. Testing some of the local produce at Twomey winery!


Cycle Brittany Coast to Mont St Michel - 2016-08-29
Hi Maggie We are back in Canada now. We had a great bike tour. It was part of a month long Europe adventure. Your company did an excellent job of all the details. We enjoyed the locations and the hotels were just what we needed. My daughter has most of the photos, so I will have her send along any that you would enjoy shortly. Thank you for your attention, we will definitely consider another trip with Discover France. Kim Adams


Brittany to Normandy - 2016-08-26
Hi Maggie, all going well. Le grand hard is wonderful! No problems with the bikes, they have been very comfortable & the garmin has worked well. Cheers nerissa


Burgundy Wine & Food Tour - 2016-08-23
We had a very fun trip and enjoyed all the amazing food and wine Burgundy has to offer. We left the bikes at the Hotel in Beaune, please confirm that everything is in order? Best, Inge


United States
Amboise Cycling Loops - 2016-08-22
Trip was great overall. The hotel was fine but a bit overpriced we thought. Our room had a poorly functioning toilet and few plugs for electronics. I let them know to fix the toilet. Restaurant in hotel was highly priced for quality of the dinner. Breakfasts were great. Staff were very kind and helpful. I had a problem with my bike the first day (bent rim for front tire) and your company replaced it for the second day. Routes were well planned. GPS was a great help though the model we had was difficult to read and seemed an old model. Overall I would recommend Discover France as a tour operator and we might take another trip with you in the future. Thanks! Bob


United States
Provence Classic 7N – Uzes, St Rémy... - 2016-08-18
Hi Maggie we are going well here is my favourite pic the one I really wanted to see for myself Simply magnificent Will send more feedback later on as it's lights out time for me More roads to ride again tomorrow


United States
Catalonia Best Of - 2016-08-17
Hi Maggie, We are on our way back, but I am happy to give you some feedback. We had a great trip. 1. I screwed up our connection with the guide on the our first night in Girona, but we met the next day and got things straightened out. They were great to work with. 2. The bikes held up well, and once we got into the rhythm with the GPS and maps, we had no trouble finding our way from point to point. We only had a few minor course corrections to make. A couple of suggestions on the GPS. The routes direct you to a point in the center of the destination town, but then you have to find your hotel, I’d suggest the GPS direct you from door to door. 3. The hotels were very nice. We really liked the Hotel Mediteranni in Calella. We had a waterfront room and it was spectacular. I have attached photos. The hotel in Madremanya was very nice, and the restaurant was outstanding. However, the town is very small and the town’s church bells ring every 15 minutes, making a good night’s sleep a challenge. 4. One suggestion, for an August trip in hot weather, we might recommend more time at the coast, but all-in-all we very much enjoyed the trip and would recommend Discover France to others. We miss being on our bikes! Thanks


United States
Amsterdam to Bruges 7 Nights - 2016-08-17
Everything is fabulous. Che bikes are wonderful. The bike routes are really great.


United States
Loire Valley Classic - Villandry to Chambord Castle tour - 2016-08-15
Everything was amazing. Get this though.... I wrecked the bike on day 1 just outside of Villandry and sprained my ankle. If it weren't for the e bike, I would have been miserable. As it was, I just put it in a more powerful gear and biked for 6 more days, not missing a beat. The e bike saved the trip. Here is a video of Patrick biking through some small town in the Loire and some other random pictures. We had a complete blast and are staying in Paris until tomorrow. Will be leaving you guys a spectacular review.


United Kingdom
Mont Ventoux to Luberon - 2016-08-13
Hi Chris, I just wanted to say a big thank you to your and your team for putting our bike tour of Mont Ventoux and the Luberon together at such short notice for us last week. It was an incredible holiday. We really had a great time and we are recommending you to anyone who will listen!


United States
WWII Normandy Tour - 2016-08-12
We are rally enjoying our ride. I had trouble with my first bike, and your organization had a replacement the next morning. Terrific service! So nothing was delayed. We like the hotels and have had terrific food. We would recommend your service to others (already have) and are considering another tour with you.


Loire Valley Secret Castles and Wine - 2016-08-12
Hi Maggie, We really enjoyed cycling in the Loire valley and the cycling routes were what I was hoping for and gave a real variety of scenery. The hotels were all great and the dinners at Chateau de Beaulieu and Le Grand Monarque were definite highlights. I'd recommend staying an extra night at Chinon to anyone else going on this trip as we did. We were lucky to be there for Bastille Day and see an excellent firework show by the river that night, but sadly this was also the night of the tragedy at Nice. The bikes were in excellent condition and we didn't have any problems with them. The GPS and maps were also easy to follow. I've attached a couple of pics. Thanks again for all your help in organising the trip. Best wishes, David


United States
Bordeaux and Dordogne - 2016-08-11
Hi Maggie, sorry we missed you. We are very happy with the trip and will be recommending it to our cycling friends. We thought it would be hard to have a better trip than last year at the Loire Valley, but Dourdoign exceeded anything we could have imagined! The bikes have good gearing for the hills. Very important as there are a lot of them. I could recommend a seat cushion ( in addition to padded cycling shorts) or putting it in the "to-bring" list. The distances were good. We thought there was a good easy first day to acclimate. We did not do the long option the last day as I had injured my knee the week before we came. This was the first time we did the upgrade for hotels and loved it. The included dinner at the Michelin rated restaurant Viouz Logis really was over the top!! Thank you so much for including it. Since Chateau Sanse was isolated, it was very good that dinner was included and we found it was excellent. We like Discover France because it provides the proper amount of structure with lots of freedom to explore. Viewing the kilometers of grapevines followed by the distinct change as we traveled farther east gave us an appreciation that all of France is not vineyards! We have many many photos.


United States
Beaune and Burgundy vineyards - 2016-08-10
Thanks Valentina. Bikes are pretty good. Mine is a bit more worked than the one in the Loire – some brake and gear issues - but not huge issues and not worth trying to figure out. Hotel is great and folks are very nice here. Given all that, and a little rain today, we are enjoying it – terrain and routes are wonderful. Wine is very good. Thx Chris


United Kingdom
Castles of the Loire Valley Classic Tour - 2016-08-10
Hi Valentina We have had a great time! The tour was wonderful we enjoyed all the routes and the chateaux along the way. Hotels were comfortable and the hosts very hospitable. They couldn't do enough for us and we really appreciated their attentiveness. The guides and drivers were very helpful and professional particularly organising the electric bike at last minute. It was also very reassuring to know you were happy to accommodate our needs. We will definitely recommend this company and will write up a similar review on trip advisor. I hope to return soon! Many thanks Georgina and felicity


United States
Portugal Wild Coast - 2016-08-10
Hi Maggie! We had a wonderful trip! My e-bike worked fantastic, the routes beautiful and the hotels comfortable and cute :) Some photos Great trip, great country!! Thanks! R


United States
Provence Classic 5N – Avignon, Arles... - 2016-08-10
Hi Maggie, Good to hear from you - thanks for checking in on us. It has been a great trip so far. We're enjoying the cycling and the hotels! Today's cycling route from Uzes to Arles was particularly fun, as we were on the open road so could take full advantage of the road bikes. [...] Thanks again for your help along the way! Tim


United States
Amboise Cycling Loops - 2016-08-09
Valentina, Everything was great. We had a few hours of rain on day one but the equipment provided made the rain not a big issue. We stayed in chambers d'ôte Le Clos des Tanneurs--excellent accommodation--one of the best we have ever experienced. The owners, Guy et Patrice, were wonderful hosts. We left the bikes and all the equipment in their garage on Saturday midi when we left Amboise. Your recommendations for Le Patio and Bigot were both great. Vive gastronomique française! Thank you again


United States
Provence Classic 7N – Uzes, St Rémy... - 2016-08-09
Hi Valentina. We are having a marvelous time. The equipment is great and everything is very well organized. We love the routes. Thank you for checking in. We are on our way to St. Rent tomorrow. UPDATE : Hi Valentina, Ellen and I had a marvelous time. We have just returned the bikes and equipment at the Cloitre Saint Louis. It is a lovely hotel. And we thought the Mas de Carassins in Saint Remy was wonderful. We are sorry to go as we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We are heading back to New York on Saturday. Thanks for your work coordinating our trip. We hope to do another and are excited about the insider discount. Beat regards, Best regards Mary


Provence Classic 7N – Uzes, St Rémy... - 2016-08-09
Tutto OK Il viaggio e' stato impegnativo per il caldo ma molto meglio cosi che con la pioggia. Esperienza che ripeteremo in futuro Grazie e cordiali saluti Massimiliano Bottacini


United States
Portugal Wild Coast - 2016-08-09
Hi Maggie Tour is going great, despite the heat wave. We are in Pedralva which is great. Ros loves her electric bike and ours are performing well. One GPS doesn't function, but we are ok with one. Best Greg


United Kingdom
Provence Secrets - Pont du Gard - 2016-08-08
Hi Maggie We had an amazing time. The bikes were excellent as was the GPS. We really enjoyed the cycling although the routes were far more challenging we had expected. They always took much longer than advertised, even though we are both very fit and not at all overweight! This was a slight shame as it meant we did not get to spend as much time in the hotels as we would have ideally liked. But there was beautiful scenery and great places to visit on every route so that was always a pleasure. Both the hotels were fantastic. We especially liked Mas De Carassins - although we were unclear if we actually got the superior room we paid extra for (?) as the booking information provided to us did not specify and neither sis the hotel. The other hotel was also very nice but it was a shame that nobody ever told us their restaurant was closed on Sundays. We ended up missing out on dinner on Sunday because we were never informed of this. I hope that feedback is useful. Overall we really enjoyed the holiday, so thank you! David


Loire Valley Classic - Villandry to Chambord Castle tour - 2016-08-03
Hi Chris, my friends and I had a wonderful week of bike riding through the Loire Valley. The hotels you picked were excellent, the food was delicious and the French people very helpful and friendly. The equipment of the bikes was absolutely satisfactory, except the padels and the missing lubricant. Your organisation of the trip was quite perfect and almost everything worked out fine (although I thought for a second, while receiving our bikes, I had to jog next to the girls at first ). In case of very bad weather, I think parts of the trip ( in my case day 5th) could be too dangerous and challanging for some ladies over 60, even if they are in a good shape. Maybe you could offer an alternative route or transportation. We enjoyed the week very much and had a great time!


Provence Best Of - 2016-08-01
Hello, Valentina! As promised, here comes the feedback from me after our trip in Provence (Best of…). The most important thing first: We are very satisfied with your product and the colleges of you that we met! Everything was very professional, and well drilled. The meeting with your local guide in Avignon the first evening, was excellent. He was very helpful, and gave a lot of good information. The bikes we received, were about 80 % of what we expected. They were a little bit more heavy, and little bit older, but the functionality was ok. I am really happy that we were equipped with a GPS, that was more important than I first thought. [...] The hotels was very good! All of them! All in all the trip was a wonderful experience, so I do hope that you consider this mail as it is meant do be; a constructive feedback to get even better. J As I told you earlier, I am also impressed by your service, Valentina, so thank you very much! Have a nice day. Best regards from Norway, Olav Granheim


Portugal West Coast and Sintra - 2016-07-30
Hi Chris, The trip went well, we both had a great time. Only wish was that the weather was warmer but that is not your fault,  The local guy who set us up ... for memory Phillip, was fantastic, he spent so much time with us and he was a great host and gave us a good history lesson on the area and Portugal. His kit of spares and attachable little bags etc, seemed more that I got last year which was great. We ran into him on the road a few days later and once again he took time to chat with us. The ride was great in all respects, we loved Ericiera, the hotel we stayed at and the town that was a real highlight as well as the town of Sintra.


United States
Amboise Cycling Loops - 2016-07-29
Hi. Thanks. It is great! Dema's bike was too small, but they are bringing us another today. I should have measured him again before we left:(. We r probably going to not ride on the third day. We were wiped out yesterday, but ready for our second day today. We don't want to miss all of Amboise. It takes us longer than the book says. We knew that we were slower though. We do about 5 miles an hour. Everything is beautiful and everyone is very kind and helpful. I'll send pics. Laura


Mont Ventoux and Provence (4 Nights) - 2016-07-27
Hi Maggie, the tour was great!!. Food, hotel very good, only one small criticism internet very slow. We run a business back in Australia, so internet pretty important for us. Everything else was excellent. Regards Sylvia


Magical Nature of the Alps - VIP Experience - 2016-07-22
Hi Chris Thank you for organizing my trip, have had a awesome time. Fabrice was fantastic! Hoping I can do another TDF tour in the future with my husband, as I know he would have loved it, but this time riding a bit more! The 1 day ride was perfect for my trip, the spectating part was fun esp when you have VIP access. Thanks again


United States
Mont Ventoux and Provence (4 Nights) - 2016-07-21
Maggie, A quick note now and I'll write something longer on our flight home on Thursday. The tour was great! Fabrice was a gem and the rides, route, hotel and meals where wonderful. My expectations were exceeded..... We had a ball! Regards, Mike


United States
Normandy Landing Beaches - 2016-07-21
The trip was very enjoyable! Good directions, good hotels, GREAT bikes!, well equipped and Noemie was a pleasure to deal with. In terms of feedback, I would suggest trying to use more


United States
The most beautiful villages of France - 2016-07-21
Guillaume was really great setting us up with the bikes in Gaillac. He gave us lots of information and made sure the bikes all fit us well. The bikes were in excellent condition. The distances each day were perfect. We really enjoyed the ride. We are all experienced bikers and we are in good shape. This is a challenging route and there are a lot of hills. It's important that people understand this if they are using hybrids.


United States
Castles of the Loire Valley Classic Tour - 2016-07-21
We arrived safely at the hotel tonight. All went well and we had a great time. Loved the routes, was able to see so much variety. The hotels were all very cute and the owners very accommodating. Really liked how organized there were with the luggage, bikes etc. My only complaint would be how buggy it is everywhere, weren't even able to open the windows in the hotel rooms. So quite warm in all of the rooms except Hotel le Londres.which had quality air conditioning. Of course can't really control with the recent weather and just happy we were able to avoid any significant rain while we were out. Few drizzles today but nothing significant.


United States
Mont Ventoux and Provence (4 Nights) - 2016-07-19
Maggie, A quick note now and I'll write something longer on our flight home on Thursday. The tour was great! Fabrice was a gem and the rides, route, hotel and meals where wonderful. My expectations were exceeded..... We had a ball! Regards, Mike


New Zealand
Provence Classic 7N – Uzes, St Rémy... - 2016-07-19
Bonjour Maggie, The trip is going really well. Currently enjoying the lovely hotel in St Remy, having the pool has been great as it's been so hot which we aren't used to, but not complaining all the same. Only one more days riding back to Avignon tomorrow. Apart from the the first morning ride out of Villeneuve Les Avignon we've enjoyed the riding. That first morning was on a busy road with a howling wind and unattractive countryside, we didn't really enjoy that section. One or two of the trip notes need updating , I'll give you the details once we've finished. We've taken the odd wrong turn but nothing to worry about. We also got lost finding our way to the Uzes hotel. The two loop trips have been great, our favourite towns have been St Quentin La Poterie and Eygallieres. The hotel meal at the Patio De Violette was very disappointing, and they charged us excessively for cups of tea.The other hotels have been great. The bikes have been good and have performed rally well, although Kathy would have also preferred front suspension plus she's struggled to get used to her seat, a selection of saddles for women would be recommended. We'll send some photos through later on. Regards Mark & Kathy


United States
Champagne Best Of - 2016-07-15
The first day was superb. Bikes seem good and the Garmin GPS is a real help. Champagne also good!


United States
Brittany to Normandy - 2016-07-12
Maggie Just a quick note to say how much Theresa and I enjoyed the trip you put together for us last week. We both would like to say thank you for your hard work. The hotels were fantastic. Our luggage was always at the next hotel. It was just a fantastic trip. Everyone we encountered was helpful and kind. The scenery was gorgeous. Thank you again Mark Davidson


United States
Brittany to Normandy - 2016-07-12
We had a great time. Maggie! It was great to experience the TdF departure village then to ride a lot of the route for the first 3 days. We felt as if we were being cheered on by the roadside "art" and village decorations left in the aftermath of the tour! All 3 of us agree that the bikes were great - real workhorses. We had no mechanicals along the way, either. All of the hotels were really comfortable and well appointed with staff who were very helpful. The breakfasts that were offered were plentiful with good (and healthy) food choices, too! We also had great taxi service all week beginning with the service to/from Mont Saint Michel - our driver was so very punctual- and the daily baggage shuttle was seamless. We struggled with agreement/clarity of the GPS and route maps on several days including going into Granville then leaving there and starting our to St Lo. Also, leaving Cancale was a challenge as was returning to Le Grand Hard the 2nd day. We also suggest that you provide more batteries for the GPS - we used 2/day and had to purchase more along the way. I will send a few pics in an additional email. -Stacey


United States
Loire Valley Bike & Canoe Tour - 2016-07-11
Hi Maggie, So far the tour has been great. The hotels are clean, the staff are very nice, and the food is fabulous. We all love the routes we are riding and it is great not to have to carry around luggage. The only hitch so far is that there was no GPS route loaded from Tours to Azay-le-Rideau and some of the directions/mileage in the book haven't been correct (directions were ambiguous like "turn before the roundabout" - does that mean left or right). John and I are pretty good with directions so those small hiccups didn't hinder us. Other than that things have been great, the bike rides beautiful and the people wonderful. Bryce was also very nice and informative.


United States
Loire Valley Wine Tour - 2016-07-07
Hi Valentina, Cycling is great. Susan and I are really enjoying it. Cloudy the first two days which kept it cool but was nice. The sun came out today and it was perfect weather – 75, blue skies. Wine tastings have exceeded expectations. We tried a ’85 and 76’ in Amboise which doesn’t happen back in the States. The second tasting in Vouvray was a lot of fun. We ended up spending 3 hours with these guys - they are so passionate about the wines there, we had some great conversations. Your colleague at the beginning was great and super helpful. Bikes are in great shape and are working great. Routes are great We are taking the longer routes and usually adding a bit more. We typically ride 50+miles on our rides back in the States but the bikes are heavier and geared lower so we are getting in some good work-outs with the shortage mileage. Here are a handful of shots: Cheers, Chris


United States
Loire Valley Classic - Villandry to Chambord Castle tour - 2016-07-05
Hi Chris, I just wanted to thank you for a great experience. Pamula and I had a great time! Kevin and Brice were fantastic! The hotels were lovely, and the service was good! We are telling all of our friends about it. Thank you very much again! Regards,


Catalonia Best Of - 2016-07-03
Hi Maggie We have just arrived in Madremanya. Spectacular! It is hot so just about to dive into the pool. We are glad we had the extra day in Llafranc. The sea was a wonderful reprieve from the heat and we did the coastal walk to Cape de Roig one day and Tiramiu the next day with time to lay on the beach as well. Terramar was a good hotel and the breakfast perfect. I will send some pictures soon! Lisa


Burgundy Wine & Food Tour - 2016-07-02
Bonjour Maggie, All going well with the rides; The accommodation has been excellent. We leave for Beaue tomorrow looking forward to exploring that area. I will email some photos later. Cheers Adele & Ian Tucker


United States
Loire Valley Classic - Villandry to Chambord Castle tour - 2016-07-01
Bonjour Your team here was very professional and punctual Hotels were fine and people courteous Appreciated the tour Anselmo Teixeira


United States
Loire Valley Classic - Villandry to Chambord Castle tour - 2016-06-29
Maggie – We had a great trip. The equipment provided by Discover France was great. The hotels were all very nice and the owners/staff were all friendly and very helpful. We truly felt welcome everywhere. We have a couple of minor comments that you might find useful.


United States
Loire Valley Classic - Villandry to Chambord Castle tour - 2016-06-29
Thank you Maggie! Everything is great. We are having a wonderful time and everything has worked very smoothly. The routes have been terrific--a few slight issues here and there but nothing we couldn't work through. Thanks again for checking in and talk to you soon, Lydia


United States
Loire Valley Classic - Villandry to Chambord Castle tour - 2016-06-29
We are having a wonderful trip, thank you for asking. Good choices of hotels, particularly Domaine de Beauvois. The bikes are great and you have assembled some very scenic routes. I might suggest "hybrid bikes recommended" for some of the dirt trails -- we didn't have a problem, but some people might, it's hard on the road bike wheels. Advising ponchos for the rain and repellent for the mosquitos would also be helpful. Minor points! This has really been quite fabulous so far.


United States
Burgundy Wine & Food Tour - 2016-06-25
Hi Maggie, We are enjoying our tour very much. This new hotel is wonderful! Dijon was good too but it was very hot so having air conditioning now is a great luxury. The maps are good. Thanks to the Garmin we have not gotten lost even though we had a big detour on the way here. Today we hope to go up into the hills. I am happy to tell you more and send you pictures when we return. Thanks for checking in.


Provence Classic 7N – Uzes, St Rémy... - 2016-06-24
Bonjour Maggi, Thank you for the phone call and email. Yes we are having a wonderful time again and enjoying riding in Provence. Really love the accommodation with the pools at the end of the day. All accommodation has been fantastic, roads not as busy as Normandy which is wonderful. Days hotter for ridding. We are a little over with the riding times but stopping lots for photos and site seeing. The one main thing that I would consider an improvement would be to have access to earlier breakfast in the hotter regions. Getting back in before the heat of day is difficult, need to carry a lot of water so the bottles from each tour has been helpful. We have struggled to get breakfast over and out by 8.45 am which means we have been riding after 3pm. If there are big hills and not much shade it's quite a challenge. Over all excellent, we will come again. Kindest regards sandy and Joe


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Loire Valley Secret Castles and Wine - 2016-06-22
Dear Maggie - great experience biking the Loire Valley - the routes and villages selected were great, your gps was very easy to use and spot on, hotels were great. French restaurants and wine are fantastic - we would typically ask the hotel person for restaurant recommendations and didn't have a bad meal the entire stay. We ran into some minor flooding but the gps made it easy to re-route. I guess it goes without saying that some knowledge of French language is helpful - I used duolingo app (free) nightly for several months prior to the trip and was able to (mostly) make myself understood. John Cooper


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Catalonia Mountains to Sea 5 Nights - 2016-06-21
We are back home and settled in, so I wanted to share our thoughts on this tour. Overall we had another great experience and things ran smoothly. The towns that were selected for the tour were great, I don't think we would have seen Girona without it and it was our favorite city of the trip. The hosts at all three hotels were great and very helpful.


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Catalonia Mountains to Sea 5 Nights - 2016-06-21
We are back home and settled in, so I wanted to share our thoughts on this tour. Overall we had another great experience and things ran smoothly. The towns that were selected for the tour were great, I don't think we would have seen Girona without it and it was our favorite city of the trip. The hosts at all three hotels were great and very helpful.

Bresnan 2

Loire Valley Secret Castles and Wine - 2016-06-21
Hi Maggie, We've arrived safely in Saumur after a super 3 days of bike riding (long option each day). Thank you guys so much, everything was so well organised: the bikes, the maps, the equipment, the hotels. I just wanted to mention: my bike didn't have a bell and the drink bottle holder kept falling off. These may need to be looked at for the next user. Thanks again for such a memourable holiday. Kind regards, Sue Bresnan


Loire Valley Secret Castles and Wine - 2016-06-20
Maggie, Every part of the trip so far has been fantastic. The hotels are exceptional. The bikes and directions are 100%. The country side and Chateaus are very beautiful. Fantastic trip so far, thank you. John Bresnan


Loire Valley Secret Castles and Wine - 2016-06-20
Maggie We have had a wonderful time. The bikes were terrific. I could not have done it without the assistance of the ebike which are beautifully equipped and maintained. The GPS and maps were very good and we had perfect weather for the majority of the time with only a couple of hours of lift rain really this morning My girl friend from Switzerland was originally going to be travelling with us by herself as her husband has been working up in Finland for some weeks. However he arrived home earlier than expected so drove down to join us. We have sorted with the hotel the additional payments for extra person and breakfast. The accommodation has been great. They each have had their own personality. The staff have been welcoming and informative and the services and accommodation of a very high standard. Regards Jo


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Alsace Wine Route - 2016-06-17
The countryside is beautiful and the bikes have been great. This is a very beautiful part of France. I will get you a full report when we are done. Cheers! Mike


United States
Amboise Cycling Loops - 2016-06-16
We had a really great time in Amboise even though we were only able to cycle 1 day. Our 2nd day was very wet, windy, and cold so we ended up touring the local chateaus instead. We had a little trouble with the gps but eventually figured it out. Also, the pre-programmed route took us down what appeared to be a logging road! We had to portage over a huge mound of gravel at one point. I suppose that just added to the adventure. Pictures of the day are below. Thanks again for helping us plan our trip. We can't wait for next time! Regards, Angela Neikov


United States
Provence Lavender Fields & Vineyards - 2016-06-15
Hi Maggie, Wow!!! What a trip we had! Thank you for all your arrangements and wise counseling about hotels, etc. And thank you for calling our last night to check up on us and our train trips. We were soooooo lucky with all trains until the final 15 min train from Caen to Bayeux in Normandy that was cancelled so we had to take a short taxi ride but other than that, inspite of the strikes all of our trains ran on schedule. The biking was fantastic as you know. We had incredible weather, welcoming hospitality, great food, wine, etc. The hotels were magnificent too. We do have some constructive comments to help future travelers: 1) L’hotel Cloitre St. Louis in the upgraded rooms was superb. Perfect for the first night when we were shattered and probably couldn’t appreciate La Mirande! So great suggestion and would recommend that to anyone 2) In Avignon we ate at the Brasserie next to the Cloitre on recommendation from the front desk and it was excellent. Good suggestion for the first night. Yonn, our bike deliverer suggested Restaurant Nani (2 blocks from the hotel which was closed but looked really great.) I suggest you include that in your dining suggestions for Avignon and close to the hotel 3) In Chateauneuf Du Pape we went to a phenomenal wine tasting cave called Les Caves St. Charles. The owner, Guy Bremont, conducts the tastings and it is the number 1 rated Cave in Chateauneuf du Pape on Trip Advisor. Highly recommend you put that in your literature!!!! 4) Orange: There is a Roman Theater in Orange that is a MUST see. It is a 1000 year old Unesco World Heritage Site, one of only 3 remaining in the world and absolutely incredible. There are good cafe’s for lunch across the street and if you go further one block away from the theater even better cafe’s! 5) In Grignan we went to 2 restaurants which are less than 5 mins from the Rosarie which we thought were great and recommended by the front desk. L’Etable and The Creperie. They are more casual but really excellent local fare. It’s nice to have some recommendations that are not so fancy and easily reached on foot. 6) In La Garde Adhemar we ate at an absolutely awesome pizza place called Le Cote Pizza. Its on a little side street, very quaint outdoor seating and really incredible pizza which was a great stop on the Grignan loop that day. 7) Mont Ventoux ride: Ok, we opted for the Malaucene route to the top of Mont Ventoux rather than go down to Bedoin and back up. Although this is not the Tour de France route it cuts about 12 km off the day ride and then you go down the Bedoin route to head to Crillon le Brave. For most novice riders like us this was a very hard day but helped we cut out those 12 km. 8) Hotel Le Beffroi: We loved this hotel! I am so glad we held out to get this accommodation (originally they were booked but rooms became available). Although its not the most luxurious it is really special where it is located, the pool setting, views, funky rooms, outdoor dining, etc. Having said all this we loved every hotel. Finishing with Hotel Crillon le Brave was really special but each spot had their own character, special feature, etc. Food was always great, we drank mostly the local wines and it could not have been better. We will recommend your company to everyone we know looking for this kind of adventure. Self guided cycling with Discover France is clearly the way to go!! Bravo and hope these suggestions are helpful, constructive and taken to heart. Best, Roger=


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Alsace Hiking - 2016-06-15
Thanks for checking in, Maggie. This is the third time that I've tried to respond because Wifi is so spotty. Trip is good so far. Missed hiking 1 1/2 days due to rain, but was sunny except for 2 hours of rain today on the prettiest leg so good luck there. However, the trails that follow logging & farm roads in the forest have been a mud march. Hotels are good except for Wifi problems in all but Barr & Kayserberg hotels. Les Remparts is second only to Obernai hotel in quality (although more spacious & modern) & a really good place, so keep it on your list. [...] Thanks again.


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Provence Secrets - Pont du Gard - 2016-06-14
Thanks for the email We are at the hotel Carassins now having dinner. The hotel and setting are beautiful. Everything has been fabulous so far. The weather, our guide in Nimes and the biking have all been the best! We especially loved the routes which took us on many small quiet ways. Provence is beautiful. Your tip about the trains on Sunday was perfect. Our train was cancelled, but we were able to catch the earlier train and changed trains part way in Valence. Fingers crossed for Thursday and your thoughts are welcome. We are thinking that we may may need to look for an earlier train. Thanks again!! Wendy


United States
Provence Best Of - 2016-06-14
Hi Maggie, Thanks for reaching out! We are having an amazing time. The format of the trip and the routes have been fantastic so far. We have some weather to contend with for the next two days, but a little rain won't keep us back. We've both talked about how wonderful it's been working with your company, and in particular, your help at the begining. We will send a recap once were back! In the mean time here's our most triumphant picture


New Zealand
Loire Valley Secret Castles and Wine - 2016-06-14
Thanks for your email. We arrived safely but a bit muddy as we had taken a "shortcut " just out of Saumur which had obviously been flooded recently. We and the bikes got dirty and I fell off "gilssade?", but no real damage done! We have really enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to our friends. The email communication pre trip was good. The initial meeting with Ron was excellent - very full description of safety and navigation procedures. The bikes themselves were great. The hotels have all been fine. The Hotel de France in Chinon has pretty small rooms, but was otherwise OK. The staff at Hotel Monarque and here at Saumur were particularly good. Overall, we are very happy! Regards Tom Elliott


United States
Provence Classic 5N – Avignon, Arles... - 2016-06-13
We really loved our bike trip in Provence! We would highly recommend your company and the specific trip/route. Some more detailed thoughts: Orientation — our guy was very helpful, spoke good English including the parts of the bike. Showed us exactly how to change the tires, made sure we were totally set up. He was great! Gear — We were thrilled at the quality of the bikes and gear. Our bikes were in excellent condition, loved that they were new full carbon, well-maintained. The saddle bag was perfect size, light weight, portable — we’re probably going to buy the same thing for our own bikes now! None of the other bikers we passed (from different companies) had Garmins, none had carbon bikes…we were way better equipped. The Garmin had a few issues, sometimes it had trouble finding our location, but overall worked well. Would have been helpful to have a pair of pliers in the multi-tool bag, to adjust the zip-ties for the Garmin & odometer. Hotels — It was nice that they all seemed to know the deal with the bikes, luggage, etc. Avignon - Cloitre St. Louis - Overall great, rooms were ok (1st night our room was outdated and a bit smelly, but last night it was more fresh). Nice to have pool. Good location, excellent breakfast in the AM. Uzes - Hostellerie Provencale - We loved this little B&B, the owner Eric was lovely. He had a great home-made breakfast, cute dog, and each room was like a full apartment. Arles - Le Calendale - This place was ok, but not amazing. Our room was tiny. It did have a great location, right next to the Roman stadium. Also had a nice garden. But it was filled with large tour groups, didn’t have the charm of the other places we stayed. We didn’t use the spa, can’t comment on that. St. Remy - Le Mas des Carassins - Loved this place! It was way nicer than I had expected based on their website. Has 2 big pools with new modern furniture. Gorgeous, beautifully landscaped grounds. Peaceful and elegant. Dinner was also great!


Bordeaux Wine Tour - 2016-06-13
Bonjour Maggie! Thanks for calling and checking in. How thoughtful. We enjoyed the tour! The weather was abnormally rainy for Bordeaux region this time of year, we heard from several people. But we were pretty lucky in how little wet we actually got. We loved the hotel in Saint Macaire, with a lovely director /hostess, and great rooms. And the dinner there was amazing. Wandering around Saint Macaire was our favorite of the towns. Florian and Emilie and their estate in St Gemme were great! Good dinners, friendly hosts, and a wonderful estate- we really enjoyed having a couple quiet days in the countryside, balancing nicely the Saint Emilion touristy town. The bikes were rather like tanks - pretty heavy. But once you got them going they rolled pretty well. And the panniers were essential, to hold those wine and baguettes... The routes were generally good- we especially liked the really tiny roads. Initially we didn't think we'd need to use the GPS much, but it was good to have it, as the paper directions were often confusing. The directions had too many steps to weed through, too many Straight Ons. It seemed like no one had actually biked the routes to know what they were like and what information you need to know for directions on a bike. It was great to have those small roads you found though. Thanks for your help in planning the trip - it was great to have you as a contact to answer all my questions. We enjoyed it! Suzanne


United States
Provence Secrets - Pont du Gard - 2016-06-13
Thanks for checking in, we loved the bike tour and the hotels were excellent.


United States
Provence Tour Avignon Cycling Loops - 2016-06-13
We enjoyed our trip very much. The scenery was spectacular and the GPS loaded with routes worked like a charm! We were very happy with routes we did. There was the 21 mile route day 1 after canoeing, the 41 mile route day 2 and a 27 mile route on day 3 - all very nice! Another thing we loved was our hotel. Our rooms were excellent and the location outstanding. Our guide the first day, Florian was excellent. We took me to a shop to buy a cap before we went canoeing. He explained everything about our trip quite carefully and his English was perfect. We really enjoyed our time with Flo. We had three issues with bikes while we were there - all solved to our satisfaction. On day 1 when our bikes were given to us from the canoe operator my bike was missing its computer - he looked in the van for it, we called the discover France number - I assume it must have fallen off in Florian's van - but I didn't even start with it. A new computer was brought to our hotel that night. Also on day 1 - trent's rear wheel had a bad deformation in it - he took the air out and inspected the tube and tire and wheel and decided it was either the tire or the wheel but we just put it back together and keep riding. There was an issue with a broken rear shimano 105 derailleur on day 2. The rear bracket of the derailleur snapped in half so the bike was not rideable. We were stranded 25 miles into our 41 mile ride. I spoke with Francois - unfortunately he had no one with a bike near enough to bring a new bike to where we were. He sent us a very nice taxi. I told him we had also planned to ride the next day and it would be great to get a different bike. He wasn't sure he had the bikes but said he would do his best. While we were waiting for the taxi to arrive, Trent swapped the tire on my bike with his bike to solve his wobbling wheel issue - so the Scott bike with broken rear derailleur also has a defective rear tire which came off of Trent's cannondale. I am telling you this so you can tell the people in France with the bikes - we did not trouble them about the bad tire and simply took care of it when the opportunity presented itself. On our last night a new bike arrived at the hotel. I loved the new bike! Worked much better than the old bike. The original bike came with some sort of loud squeak associated with forward pedaling. Seemed like it might have a crank bearing issue. Anyway - no problems with the new bike. We rode the third day without any issues. I would like to know if I will be charged for the broken rear derailleur and of so, how much? Could you please let me know? Again, Avignon was lovely. We loved our trip and the Discover France service was first rate. I am already thinking about my next trip. Flo was telling us about some amazing places in the Pyrenees and on the Riviera! Best Regards, Kim


United States
Champagne Best Of - 2016-06-10
Maggie, All goes extremely well!! The bikes are great, the hotels are superb and the routes you have picked are fantastic!!


United States
Loire Valley Classic - Villandry to Chambord Castle tour - 2016-06-09
Hi Maggie, the tour went really well. The weather was perfect for touring, although some of the paths and roads were still blocked from the flooding. The GPS made it really easy to find detours. We did the long Blois path, but came back through Mont Pres to end up on the return path for the short circuit. The chateaus were fantastic; Sache probably has the best garden, at least at this time. Hotel Colbert and Hotel France et de Guise are a little shabby, but the managers were very nice. The breakfast at Hotel France is marginal. Otherwise, the food was great. These aren't really complaints, since I knew what to expect based on prices and the experience was great. My bike was perfect. My daughter complained that the gearing on hers was too tough, but she managed. The GPS was flawless. Thanks for following up. Enjoy your weekend, Meg


United States
Champagne Best Of - 2016-06-08
this was the 1st email from him. Maggie, Thanks for asking. The Champagne trip was great, despite the rain. The guide book is excellent and the best pre-trip advice was to be patient to understand how the directions are communicated. The first day I did both the long trip and the medium trip. This is because the nice lady at this boulangerie at Pouilly took my picture and I then rode off forgetting to pay her.


United States
Loire Valley Classic - Villandry to Chambord Castle tour - 2016-06-06
I had a great time in The Loire Valley. The accomodations and meals were excellent. It was a good value for the money. I was looking out of curiosity. I would do something similar to what I just did in France. Thanks for the contact and all of your help. Tom Eng


Loire Valley Classic - Villandry to Chambord Castle tour - 2016-06-04
Our holiday was wonderful. The bikes, accommodation and meals were above our expectations. John and myself are certainly hoping to do more cycling in Southern France so we will keep an eye on your website. The only comment that I have is that the routes were not the easiest to follow. Towards the end of the week we decided to keep to the bike tracks which had easy signage. The scenery and the villages that we saw along the way were beautiful and something we will not forget in a hurry. Thank you for helping us organise such a great holiday and I am very much hoping that we have the opportunity to do more cycling in Southern France in the not too distant future. Meredith and John Matthews


Tuscany Classic - 2016-06-02
We really enjoyed the tour. Gigi and Giuliana were great and they gave us all the information we needed. The bikes were superb (the best we have ridden) and really well-suited to the hilly terrain. There are a few minor details to correct in the notes and we'll send them through to Gigi and Giuliana. The newer Garmin GPS was also really good although it took me some time to understand the display and how it worked. We knew the riding would be a bit harder than on some of our other Discover France tours and that proved to be true. The first day was hot and hard - it would have been tough if it was any hotter. Even though I do a lot of riding back home, I was apprehensive about cycling in Italy because of the fast traffic (I travel to Rome regularly for work and have had far too many fast taxi rides). Most drivers in Tuscany were fine although even the secondary roads had more traffic than we expected.


Tuscany Classic - 2016-06-02
I will give you a full review in about a week. Short form: we had a good trip. The hotels and the meals were excellent. We had different expectations of the biking... and we're not up to the task. We didn't bike the last two days... partly because it rained pretty hard on us and partly because we were too tired. It's an absolutely gorgeous bike ride, and I want to explain our circumstance to you more fully when we get home. The people in charge of us here in Italy: Juliana, gigi, and Marco were wonderful, helpful and kind.


Loire Valley Classic - Villandry to Chambord Castle tour - 2016-06-01
We completed our tour on Sunday and we were very grateful for the 6 days of almost perfect weather. ( lucky ) The eight of us found the accommodation , itinerary, service and equipment very good and to our expectations. Obviously the scenery and the whole experience was exceptional. The only comment from my group was they would have liked an extra day, as a rest day, in Amboise , and we personally should have booked another day in Blois. We would look to do another area next year.


United States
Loire Valley Secret Castles and Wine - 2016-05-31
Our bike trip was PERFECT. We had so much fun. Nobody passed out and it was all better than expected. Each hotel was better than the last one, so no complaints there. The bikes were also great. Really the only (tiny) feedback we have is that the GPS was frustrating, as it led us to the center of town instead of the hotel. By the end of the day we were desperate to get checked in and showered, so finding our way to the hotel from the middle of town (sometimes backtracking our route) was annoying. Also we passed many vineyards along the way, but most of them weren't mentioned in the guidebook. It would have been easier to plan our visits if we knew details about which vineyards we'd be passing and when. We posted some pics on our instagrams: @briannunnery and @catzter : ) Thanks again, we had such a lovely time and we're already anticipating our next bike trip!


United States
Loire Valley Secret Castles and Wine - 2016-05-28
After our wonderful bicycle tour we spent a week in Paris . So we are just sorting photos now. The bicycles were perfect. They were durable and performed well. We has no need of the tolls for tires, etc. But we were glad they were there just in case. They electric assist bike for Stephanie was great. It provided the extra energy when need which seemed at the end of each day. As you remember I did not have an assist bike . While I survived next time I will have one also. The wind along the river and a couple hills were “tough” a couple times . The GPS and maps you provided were a must. Stevie and I were the only ones on our tour. The GPS seemed to “disappear once or twice and caused confusion” The maps helped. I also had Google Maps on my phone that helped. I think a clearer one line map might be help. I would be glad to discuss this if you wish. We never got lost!! The hotels were good and provided everything we wanted. Breakfasts were nice with allow needed before we started the day. Dinners were also very good. It was an adventure of a lifetime. France is so beautiful the rivers and farmlands. Thank you for all your advice and help.

de Bruijn

United States
Languedoc Wine and Heritage Tour - 2016-05-27
Bikes very good, and problem with one of them very expeditiously fixed by your folks. Hotel facilities everywhere very good, but the service at mas de baumes not very friendly, even surly. Routes absolutely great. Suggestion: re-explore the entry into Nimes which is very unpleasant and even dangerous, there may not be a good alternative however. All in all very satisfactory.


Provence Classic 7N – Uzes, St Rémy... - 2016-05-25
Just returned from a Creperie for dinner after a stroll around Arles. I forgot to mention we made good use of the spa. Everything is just fine. The bikes are great, we couldn't manage without the engine but with with the e-bike the tour so far has been great. Each of the hotels has been special. We had a lot of trouble finding the Hostellerie in Uzes but managed with some help from locals. My one comment is that the route takes you by some great places but you have to know that you should leave the route to explore them e.g. St Quentin la Poterie. The maps provided are too small to use to navigate, which doesn't really matter if the gps has battery power. (I have turned the brightness to minimum but have gone through two sets of batteries in three days.). The route has more cars than is ideal but I appreciate that you have tried to use agricultural roads as much as possible. In general so far it is a great holiday and I am pleased we booked through you.


United States
Provence Classic 5N – Avignon, Arles... - 2016-05-19
We are having a great time so far. We are totally exhausted though! The past two days have been nothing short of lovely, but have taken a lot out of us! The bikes have worked out great and we've been using the combination of written and GPS directions, which has worked well. The Pont du Gard was super cool and Uzes was such a cute town! For the hotels...Patio de Violette was great, the people working there were so friendly, the dinner was delicious, room was comfortable and clean...would definitely recommend it to others. For Hotel du Musee - very cool patio and funky boutique hotel feel... clean room, great location in town. Hotel Boquier on the other hand - not very good. The owners were very friendly. [...] I hope this feedback is helpful! We are looking forward to the next couple days and seeing more beautiful towns, vineyards, etc. Thanks and talk to you soon!


United States
Burgundy Wine & Food Tour - 2016-05-18
So far we are pleased. Phillipe Le Bon in Dijon was fine. Very good breakfast there and we had dinner there one night as well. The Discover France rep was fine. We had a problem with the odometers on 3 bikes. My wife called your rep on the phone and he talked her through adjusting the magnets which must have been dislodged in transit. We will see if they work tomorrow. Clos de la Vouge was a pleasant surprise when we got here. The directions at the end were a little confusing. Otherwise the route sheets are first rate so far. The weather has held out so far. We will send pictures. Keep in touch and I'll respond


Tuscany Classic - 2016-05-17
Overall the tour was amazing. Some of the destinations were a bit more touristy than last year(we like the beauty and hospitality of locals) but to be expected in Tuscany. The orientation was very good, the guides took the time to explain the bikes, garmin and maps. We really appreciated the call from Giulliana on the evening of day 2 to check up on how we were doing....nice touch. The bikes were great. The destinations and hotels were very good. We quite like the charming boutique hotels that give us a flavour for the town and local food. The NH Hotel in Sienna was nice, but we prefer the Pienza and Montacino hotels.


United States
Loire Valley Classic - Villandry to Chambord Castle tour - 2016-05-17
We had a great time. Loved the bikes. Service and support from you company was excellent. Will write more when we return home in a week. Anne


United States
Loire Valley Secret Castles and Wine - 2016-05-16
Everything was great and we loved our trip. Bryce was a very nice guy and did an excellent job of orienting us. Equipment worked as advertised. Our hope is to do another trip with you in a few years. Thanks for all your help in making this a great trip for us.


Provence Classic 7N – Uzes, St Rémy... - 2016-05-16
Day 1: we were pleased Avignon Grand Hotel was so close to the station, very handy as we arrived by train. Day 2: a good route with Pont du Gard a major highlight Day 3: rainy so we spent the morning in Uzes, great little town, then rode out to St Quentin la Poterie to visit some studios then back to Uzes because rain was again threatening. Like the hotel, helpful people but room a bit small with all our bike gear. Had dinner at the hotel one night, very good. Didn't mind the shorter ride after the long first day - but of course we don't know what we missed! Day 4: good ride, liked the location of the hotel in Arles but room again a bit small for all our stuff. Enjoyed visiting the arena etc. Day 5: Montmajour Abbey was a highlight, good hotel in St Remy but again a small room. Had a great dinner with superb service at the hotel, disappointed to miss out eating there on the second night as they were fully booked. Enjoyed the garden. Day 6: loved the ride round Les Alpilles, great scenery. Nice to have two nights in the same hotel so when you get back to town you know where to go. Day 7: ride spoiled by the wind, which was particularly strong when we crossed the Rhone east to west, rather scary on the bridge. It would have been good to know a more direct route back to Avignon that still avoided heavy traffic. Very spacious room at Avignon Grand Hotel which was nice. I loved the electric bike! I would have struggled on the hills without it but it made them a pleasure! It meant Mark and I could go at speeds that suited us both. And I still feel that I have pedalled all the way.


United States
Provence Best Of - 2016-05-03
We both want to let you know that we really enjoyed our trip in Provence. Despite the challenging winds from the Mistral, we both had a great time cycling and staying in little Provençal villages. Sightseeings, hotels and food were all good.


United States
Tour of Languedoc Region - 2016-04-21
Hi Valentina We are enjoying this cycle trip very much (in spite of the strong head winds!).


Tour of Languedoc Region - 2015-12-04
Hi Chris, The ride couldn't have gone any better, thank you!! The routes you set out for us each day were amazingly beautiful and varied! Our accommodation was wonderfully comfortable and again so delightfully varied and unique. The meals you provided were each a scrumptious experience! Thank you again for a first class experience. I would definitely book with your company again and I look forward to sharing my experience with friends Thanks again from, Carol


Mont Ventoux to Luberon - 2015-02-05
Hi Chris, I just wanted to say that we had an INCREDIBLE WONDERFUL TRIP- all thanks to DISCOVER FRANCE! We were warmly greeted by Jeremiah, who was an excellent host and guided us to Bédoin. He took the time to help us with the bikes, etc. The stay in Bédoin was welcoming and wonderful. Guillaume was so friendly and helpful. Gordes, was another incredible stay. We truly enjoyed being in that surrounding area. Dominique and his family, were awesome. Truly helpful, kind and hospitable. St. Rémy- again, was another surprise. The place is beautiful and another highlight of the stay. The food was delicious and Karine was super cheerful and kind. We truly enjoyed our stays in each place. Each had their own character. The taxi driver (I think it was Jéremie- I can't believe I forgot his name), was super patient, helpful, cheerful and kind. He helped us take off our pedals and seats when he had never completed such task. (I wasn't strong enough;). I just wanted to let you know that the staff and places you selected have made an everlasting impression on our wonderful memories of cycling France. I hope to do this again soon:) Thank you for contributing and making my cycling stagette trip a wonderful experience.