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Our Event Project Manager​

I love the Alps, where I am an avid downhill skier and kiteboarder in the winter, and a biker and hiker in the summer.

guillaume thieulin

Event Project Manager

The role of cycling in your life?

Cycling is the perfect way to get away from it all, combining sport with discovering the world. Cross Country, Enduro and DownHill are the sports that take up most of my free time, so I’m always looking for new thrills!

Your favorite trip?
Mexico! Its culture, its food, its people, its diversity and its many natural and archaeological sites steeped in history were a real highlight of a year in this country.

A travel anecdote about you?
I got lost in the Mexican desert in the Puebla region and was hosted by local farmers for food and lodging, an incredible and unforgettable experience!

Your favorite French region and why?
The Alps, for the panoramic views and the wide range of activities in summer and winter. I’m an avid downhill skier and kiteboarder in the winter, but summer in the Alps is a completely different experience that never ceases to amaze me, thanks to mountain biking and hiking!

A must-try French specialty?
Traditional dishes that make it hard to choose… Aligot & Frogs’ Legs, Boeuf Bourguignon, Raclette and many others. I’d say the art of the table!

A hidden talent?
BBQ cooking

Discover France in one word?