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Cycling Tours in Guadeloupe, French Caribbean


Come enjoy the comfortable temperatures that the French Caribbean offers and get out of winter! After your morning excursions (biking for cyclists and walking for the non-riders) in the middle of the sugar cane fields and banana trees, recovery and discovery will be the order of the day to enjoy the warmth and romance of the long white, yellow and black sandy beaches, its permanent sunshine and blue sea worthy of the most beautiful postcards!

Escape from the cold winter weather, the snow and rain, and enjoy a pleasant getaway under the French Caribbean sun.
In Guadeloupe the key words will be explore, relax, heavenly landscapes and scrumptious and exotic cuisine. With African and Indian influences, the Créole cuisine will delight you: some classic dishes you have to taste during your tour are acras, boudin and colombo amongst many others. One of the many activities you can enjoy during your trip is of course a visit to one of the many famous rum distilleries on the island, followed of course by a tasting.
During your trip you will discover the breathtaking landscapes of Guadeloupe, with pristine beaches, waterfalls, marshlands and mangroves. All of this and many more experiences await you on the island, making your Caribbean experience unique.

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The warm weather

During the North American and European winter the weather is just perfect in the Guadeloupe Islands. Get out of the winter!

Crystal clear water

Like a paradise on Earth, the waters of Guadeloupe will surprise you with their many different shades of blue, turquoise and azure. Lay on the beach after a riding day and just relax…

Go green

You will be blown away by the flourishing nature of Guadeloupe! This volcanic land is full of treasure: giant ferns, wild orchids and hundreds species of birds, waiting to be discovered.

The soul of Guadeloupe

The Creole culture is a unique mix of European, African, Indian and Mexican customs that will amaze you! This culture finds its best expression in everyday life, just stop and talk with the locals to discover it.

Get spicy!

One of the best expressions of the Creole culture is of course the Creole cuisine! The huge variety of spices and the fish disher are the two pillars of the Guadeloupean cuisine, and let’s not forget the ‘ti punch!

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