Europe is the birth place of the bicycle, the Tour de France, and an outstanding cycling infrastructure. For the past 20 years, Discover France have been perfecting the art of self-guided travel, designing itineraries in France and Europe with the spirit of independent travel in mind. We offer a full selection of European destinations to satisfy your desire to travel and see and more. Looking for spectacular natural landscapes, interesting cultural sites, or new culinary experiences? Our European bike tours give you the opportunity to explore at your own pace.

Choose to ride the dramatic landscapes of Ireland, or explore the festive eccentric culture of northern Spain. Want sea and sun? There are a lot of choice rides along our Mediterranean destinations in Italy and France bike tours. Seeking a cycling challenge or an easy ride along a river or canal? Europe has it all. Whatever the European destination, we are there for you with the support you need along the way.

Tours in France

Enjoy the food, wine, history, architecture, and all that France has to offer with an active holiday! From the amazing castles of the Loire Valley tours to the lavender fields of Provence bike tours each region of France has something worth to be discovered and explored.

Cycling holidays and bike tours in France will give you the experience of a lifetime! We can offer custom tours and any of our tours can be made into a guided group tour, just contact us for more information!

... or in the world

...and beyond in Europe

The world is one big playground waiting to be explored. Each country and even each region are full of history, heritage, and traditions to discover. What better way to see it all then on a bike tour in Europe.

Beautiful landscapes or marvelous sites are around each bend. Discover the Ring of Kerry in Ireland or be amazed by the beauty of Tuscany bike tours. Our European tour packages have so much to offer!