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Cycling Tours in Nord of France


The Baie de Somme, a picturesque estuary in northern France, amazes tourists with its ever-changing tides, vibrant birdlife, and charming coastal villages. A blend of natural wonder and cultural richness, it promises serene walks, seal spotting, and a journey through time in its medieval towns. A coastal treasure unveiled.

Situated on the northern coast of France, the Baie de Somme is a haven for cyclists craving an immersive experience with nature. This expansive estuary captivates with its tidal flats, verdant marshlands, and a coastline that merges the blues of the sky and sea. As you pedal along the cycling paths, the bay unfolds its myriad wonders. From the charming medieval town of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme to the fishing village of Le Crotoy, every stop promises rich history and picturesque views. The bay is also a sanctuary for diverse bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. And as the tides go by, they reveal a dynamic landscape that constantly reshapes itself. End the ride with the sight of seals basking on sandbanks or the iconic wooden beach huts lining the coast, cycling through Baie de Somme offers an ever-evolving and tranquil escapade.

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Located in northern France, the Baie de Somme is a natural haven brimming with diverse landscapes, wildlife, and cultural gems. Here are five must-discover attractions: 

Parc du Marquenterre

This bird sanctuary is a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. Guided tours provide an insight into the park’s rich biodiversity.


Wander through the medieval streets of this charming town, exploring its ramparts, towers, and the church that once saw Joan of Arc imprisoned. The town offers panoramic views of the bay.

Le Crotoy

This picturesque fishing village boasts beautiful sandy beaches and a rich history. It’s also known for its seafood, particularly mussels and salicornia.

Seal Watching

The bay is home to a significant population of seals, both common and grey. Guided boat tours or walks along the beach during low tide provide opportunities to observe these creatures basking on sandbanks.

Maison de la Baie de Somme et de l’Oiseau

Dive deep into the ecology of the bay at this informative center. Exhibits focus on local birdlife and the unique tidal environment of the Baie de Somme.

Food & Wine

As every French region, Baie de Somme boasts several delicious local products. A great exemple are Moules de Bouchot, which are mussels cultivated on wooden posts (bouchots) submerged in the sea. They are usually prepared in a creamy white wine sauce or simply steamed with herbs.
Another specialty of the region is the “agneau de pré-salé”: thanks to the unique salty meadows where the sheep graze, the lamb meat from the Baie de Somme has a distinct, delicate flavor.
Last but not least, salicornia, often referred to as “sea asparagus”, is an edible salt-tolerant plant growing in the marshes of the bay. It can be consumed raw in salads, pickled, or cooked as a side dish.
You won’t find wine in the Baie de Somme, but do not worry! Local cider is a delicacy: made fresh with local apples, it is less fizzy than its counterparts from Normandy or Brittany. The region also as its own brewing traditions, and you can find local artisanal beers with unique flavors.


The Baie de Somme, located on the northern coast of France, is one of the country’s largest estuaries, spanning about 70 square kilometers. Nestled between the Picardy and Normandy regions, its diverse geography comprises marshlands, dunes, and tidal flats. As the Somme River meets the English Channel, it creates a dynamic landscape that shifts with the tides.


Inhabited since prehistoric times, the Baie de Somme has been the site of Roman settlements and Viking invasions. Medieval trade flourished in its ports, especially in Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, from where William the Conqueror embarked for England in 1066. Throughout the centuries, the bay’s abundant resources and strategic location led to territorial disputes, notably during the Hundred Years’ War. Its natural beauty later attracted 19th-century artists and writers, establishing the Baie de Somme as a treasured blend of history and scenic splendor.

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