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Bike tours

The best way to discover the most beautiful countries

A unique choice of cycling trips in France and Europe.

At Discover France, we offer more than 200 cycling vacations in France and Europe, so you can choose the vacation that best suits your desires and criteria. Our unique catalog of cycling holidays is an invitation to discover France and the most beautiful countries of the “Old Continent.” Each region has its own age-old history, its own regions, landscapes and geography, its own unique culture and gastronomy. Our range of cycling vacations in France and Europe offers an exceptional variety in terms of philosophy, relaxed spirit or sporty challenge, duration and hotel standing. This richness allows our travel consultants to help you choose the ideal trip, perfectly adapted to your needs.

Traveling by bike offers nothing but advantages

On the most beautiful cycling routes in France, Tuscany, Croatia or Andalusia, to name but a few, the first benefit of a cycling vacation is to give us a change of pace from our busy daily lives. Pedaling, even at speed, usually means slowing down. It means taking the time to really look at the landscape, to see it change, and to feel a magical sense of freedom. It’s breathing deeply, clearing your mind. It’s pedaling, which is good for your heart and your body. It is also choosing a sustainable journey, respectful of others, made up of surprises along the way, encouragement received, encounters that make for unforgettable memories.

Bike tours are accessible to everyone

With 25 years of experience, Discover France is in a perfect position to affirm that traveling by bike is accessible to everyone, especially with the development of electric-assist bikes that reduce effort and increase pleasure.

If it’s perfectly suited to your needs, traveling by bike requires no special skills or physical or technical aptitude. The expertise of our travel consultants will help you choose the travel and bike model that’s right for you. Whether traditional or with electric assistance, all our models are characterized by their quality, derived from the best brands and the latest technologies, their lightness and their ease of use.

France, a country passionate about bike travel

The country of the Tour de France has established itself as the world’s second most popular destination for cycling tourism, just behind Germany. This type of itinerant vacation has exploded and the number of people traveling by bicycle is growing by about 20% a year (source: Vélo et Territoire).

In addition to the great mountain passes made famous by the Tour de France, France now boasts 20,000 km of cycle routes and greenways. Cycle tourism is a priority for the authorities, who are encouraging the development of infrastructure and services to welcome cyclists in the best possible way.

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