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European bike tours

The ideal way to discover the wonders of the “Old Continent”

An exceptional selection of cycling vacations in Europe

At Discover France, we have developed over the years a range of 30 cycling holidays in Europe in addition to France so that you can choose the holiday that best suits your desires and criteria. Our catalog currently offers you a choice of 14 countries with exceptional heritage:  AUSTRIA, BALTIC STATES, CROATIA, CZECH REPUBLIC, GERMANY, HOLLAND, HUNGARY, IRELAND, ITALY, PORTUGAL, SPAIN, SWITZERLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, BELGIUM. Each of our cycling vacations in Europe is an invitation to discover a country of the “Old Continent” with its millennial history, its landscapes and geography, its language, its unique culture and its gastronomy. As in France, our range of cycling holidays in Europe offers an exceptional variety of paces and philosophies, slow or challenging, duration and hotels to choose from. This richness enables our travel consultants to help you select the ideal, perfectly adapted trip.

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All the benefits of bike travel

The first is to give us a change of pace from our busy daily lives. Pedaling, even fast pedaling, is usually about slowing down. It’s taking the time to really look at the landscape, to see it change, and to feel a magical sense of freedom. It’s deep breathing that frees your mind. It’s about pedaling, which is good for your heart and good for your body. It also means opting for a sustainable journey, respectful of others, made up of surprises along the way, encouragement received, encounters that make for unforgettable memories.

Traveling by bike, a pleasure accessible to all

With 25 years of experience, Discover France is in a position to affirm that traveling by bicycle is accessible to everyone, even more so with the development of electric bicycles that reduce the effort and increase the pleasure.

If it’s perfectly suited to you, bike travel doesn’t require any special skills or specific physical or technical aptitude. The expertise of our travel consultants will help you select the trip and bike model that’s right for you. Whether traditional or electrically-assisted, all our models are characterized by their quality from the top brands and the latest technologies, their light weight and their ease of use.

Europe, the ideal playground for a trip by bike

While France and Germany have established themselves as the world’s leading destinations for cycling tourism, the rest of Europe is no slouch when it comes to offering exceptional scenery and cultural treasures for the cycling traveler.

The European continent is a playground that is unique in the world, with an exceptional geographical diversity for such a large territory, with its riversides, mountain ranges and coastlines from the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Throughout Europe, cycling tourism has become a priority for public authorities, who are encouraging the development of infrastructure and services to welcome cyclists in the best possible way.

You can also find your bike tour in France, your luxury european bike tour, your cycling challenge, or your cycling training camp.