Holland is THE European capital of bicycling. The entire traffic system and infra-structure is built around this mode of transportation. So of course it’s the best way to discover and meet the Dutch at their very best. Discover their engineering wonders as you cycle along dikes and canals, admire their agricultural handiness of a land that is below sea-level. Astonish yourself by their beautiful artwork and craftsmanship. Holland is known for its variety of natural landscapes: beautiful country sides, and extensive coastal beaches. What makes Holland so special is that here mankind not only conquered nature, it preserves it.

Amsterdam to Bruges 7 Nights

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Holland, or the Netherlands as it is officially known, is a very bicycle-friendly country.

Duration : 8 Days / 7 Nights Price from : 1925€
Trip : Self-guided Activity : Hybrid
Level : or Region : Holland
Type : On the way Dates : Tours starting between the beginning of April and mid-May we have limited capacity. Please contact us.