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Cycling Tours in the Netherlands


Are you looking for an original bike tour in Europe? Holland is THE European capital of bicycling. The entire traffic system and infrastructure is built around this mode of transportation. So of course it’s the best way to discover and meet the Dutch at their very best. Discover their engineering wonders as you cycle along dikes and canals, admire their agricultural handiness of a land that is below sea-level. Astonish yourself by their beautiful artwork and craftsmanship. Holland is known for its variety of natural landscapes: beautiful countrysides, and extensive coastal beaches. What makes Holland so special is that here mankind not only conquered nature, we preserved it.

Starting in the bustling heart of Amsterdam, with its iconic canals and historic charm, this cycling journey captures the quintessence of Dutch and Belgian landscapes. As you pedal out of the city, the urban vistas transition into tranquil countryside dotted with windmills and tulip fields. Leiden, a city famed for its rich history and old-world allure, offers a blend of cobbled streets and picturesque canals. Further south, Brielle showcases the region’s maritime heritage, its fortifications whispering tales of bygone eras. Middelburg, with its splendid market square and Gothic architecture, is a testament to the Netherlands’ Golden Age.

As you cross into Belgium, the medieval city of Brugge awaits, renowned for its lacework, chocolate, and fairy-tale ambiance. This flatland odyssey, linking charming cities and bucolic landscapes, is a dream route for any cyclist, promising a rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty.

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Dutch tulips

While you can see flower fields in other places, the Dutch tulip fields and the Keukenhof are world famous. Did you know that the Keukenhof showcases over 800 varieties of tulips? For two months each year, it’s the most beautiful spring garden in the world, an amazing 32-hectare flower sea of colors.

Charming Dutch towns & villages

There’s more to The Netherlands than Amsterdam… really! Amsterdam is iconic, but Holland has a lot more to offer. From the flat and green agricultural area in the North and the coastal provinces of Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and Zeeland to the flowering hills in the exuberant South.

Bicycles everywhere

The bicycle is the most used form of transport in The Netherlands. 84% of the Dutch population owns a bike and often even more than one. There are 19 million bikes in The Netherlands! Since Holland is mostly flat, it’s easy to get around. An average Dutch person annually rides about 880 km per year on their bike.

Lots of history

The origins of the oldest cities in The Netherlands date back to the Roman Era. Over the years Holland was conquered and occupied by the Spanish, the Austrians, the French and in more recent history the Germans. The United or Dutch East India Company, formed in 1602, was a major international trade company. It’s often seen as the first true transnational corporation. This little country definitely has a long and interesting history.

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