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French Riviera

French Riviera

Between sea and mountains, from the Mediterranean shores between Saint-Tropez and Menton, from the Provençal ranges to the alpine massifs of Mercantour, the Côte d’Azur is a land of contrasting landscapes with its world-famous cities of Nice and Cannes! The beauty of its beaches and the luxury of its palaces, the influence of its festivals and the fame of its artists form a harmonious balance with the forests and green valleys of the mountains of the high country, the red roofs of old perched villages and the yellow of the mimosas in bloom.

Between sea and mountains, the French Riviera (or Côte d’Azur) is celebrated worldwide for its beaches, luxury of its palaces and famous festivals. Here the Provencal and Mediterranean influences are combined in refined art de vivre. You can stroll along the beach in Saint Tropez, or the Croisette in Cannes, discover the secrets of perfume making in Grasse, taste a slice of “socca” in Nice (local gluten free chickpea bread), and dive in the beautiful blue sea in Saint Raphaël. 
The French Riviera is a beloved tourist destination all year-round, and the mild weather makes it a perfect spot for a spring or early fall trip.
Glamour, with picturesque sceneries and a local tradition combining French and Italian influences, the French Riviera has everything to become your next favorite destination.

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More than its world-famous movie festivals, Cannes offers us wonderful architecture, from the historic structures of Le Suquet to modern buildings on La Croisette. It also offers us the possibility to savor local food with a great selection of seafood restaurants and lovely food markets, as the Marché Forville. The beaches there are really appreciated as well by tourists, a nice way to discover the French Riviera.


Spinning around in the picturesque medieval streets of the wonderfully pretty town of Grasse, you will challenge and develop your sense of smell. In fact, Grasse is the birthplace of many fragrances, and you will be able to visit an international perfume museum or farms where sweet-smelling flowers are harvested for fragrances. If it’s not enough, make your own perfume in a private perfume workshop. 

Saint Raphaël

The sea resort of Saint Rapaël is a treasure of little streets in the old town where a calm walk is well appreciated. For archaeological fans, Saint Raphael also offers a museum focused on the underwater. Everything is surrounded by the Guet tower where you will enjoy all the bay.

Saint tropez

When Saint Tropez comes to mind, celebrities, glamour and yachts are the thoughts, and it have it all. It became famous around the 1950s for its beaches thanks to Brigitte Bardot who became the star resident. Beside this well-known side, Saint Tropez has a real art culture with designer boutiques and the Annonciade museum which take place in a chapel. It is interesting to note a truly spectacular and quite wild coastal path where a walk can be really appreciated.


A Roman city with an 11th century cathedral in the center of town, walls were built around the town in the Middle Ages with five gates still standing. Vence is known as a market town with its enormous Friday-morning market filled with fish, Provencal herbs and spices, cheese, wine, and fruits and vegetables. Walking around town, you will notice fountains everywhere! To some, Vence is known as “the city of water.”


French Riviera is famous for its salads. What’s better to eat a Salad Niçoise on a sunny terrace? This speciality was originally composed of three main ingredients: tomatoes, anchovies and olive oil. All ingredients are supposed to be raw products or at least fermented as olives and anchovies, but above all not cooked. However, it is now accepted that the Salad Niçoise contains hard-boiled eggs and tuna for more pleasure.

Hot or cold, the French Riviera is well known for its “Ratatouille”. Recently in the spotlight with the animated movie, this meal is prepared everywhere in France during the summer. Peppers, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes: these sun vegetables simmer in olive oil for more than an hour to reveal all their flavors in order to awaken our taste buds.


French Riviera is located in the southeast of France, at the border of Italy and Monaco, and it has some selling points. In fact, this areas is composed of mountains with the Alps, beaches with the Mediterranean coast, attractive cities such as Nice (the bigger one) and the Mercantour National Park. It is why it can be easily enjoyed when we are riding a bike during the summer or skiing in winter.

With its 300 sunny days per year, you are guaranteed to enjoy, as much as possible, all the elements.


The British, over the course of two centuries, were really close to annexing the French Riviera to create a true parallel society. Queen Victoria went 7 consecutive winters before her death enjoying Hyères or Nice. Menton was very famous too, due to its climate, so British doctors prescribed a trip for less than a cough.

After that, in 1860, some conflicts appeared with the winter tourism development and revolutions, and Nice county became French.
Another turning point came around the 1950s when the massive tourism generated an adaption for the French Riviera with new stations (ski or sea resort) able to receive a lot of tourists.

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