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Tours in Atlantic coast - Vélodyssée

Atlantic Coast

From the south of Brittany to the Gironde Estuary via Les Sables d’Olonne, the Marais Poitevin, La Rochelle, the Ile d’Oléron and finally Royan, is made up of large beaches, rocky ledges and coasts, marshes and canals. The Atlantic Ocean is a force of nature with its waves and tides that shape and modify the landscape day after day.

The Atlantic Coast is home to one of the most beloved French cycling itineraries: the Vélodyssée. From Brittany to the Spanish border, you can follow the entire coastline from North to South. The landscape will change as you ride down the bike path: pine forests, beaches, the Marais Poitevin, sandy dunes…
Families will love the Bassin d’Arcachon, with its peaceful atmosphere, small fishing harbors and delicious local seafood. Wine lovers will also be delighted to discover the surroundings of Bordeaux and its many vineyards.
You can also discover the heart of the Basque Country by arriving in Biarritz, passing through Biscarrosse, Mimizan, Capbreton. You will be with your bike in tune with the nature and the power of the Atlantic Ocean.

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The Vélodyssée, stretching along France’s Atlantic Coast, offers a captivating journey from Nantes to Biarritz.

Diverse landscapes

Experience a variety of sceneries, from the verdant marshlands of the Marais Poitevin and the majestic forests of Landes to the rugged coastlines of the Basque Country.

Cultural immersion

“Dive into the rich history and unique cultures of the regions you traverse. Explore cities like La Rochelle with its maritime heritage, and Bayonne, echoing with Basque traditions.”

Dune du Pilat

Europe’s tallest sand dune, offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic coastline and a unique natural spectacle.

Unique gastronomy

Savor the culinary diversity of the Atlantic Coast. Relish fresh seafood, taste regional specialties like Basque cake, and pair your meals with local wines and ciders.

A unique bike path

The Vélodyssée boasts well-marked paths, making navigation easy. Its dedicated cycle routes ensure safety, and the journey is interspersed with spots for rest, relaxation, and exploration.

Food & Wine

The Atlantic Coast of France is renowned for its fresh produce and vibrant wines. The oysters, especially from Arcachon are celebrated for their distinct flavor, influenced by the unique maritime conditions of the region. Dishes like “magret de canard” (duck breast) and “confit de canard” (duck leg slow-cooked in its own fat) are regional specialties, reflecting the area’s rich culinary traditions.

One of the world’s most famous wine regions, Bordeaux produces esteemed reds primarily from Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, as well as notable whites and sweet wines like Sauternes. Along the coast you can also discover Muscadet: produced near Nantes, this crisp, dry white wine is often considered the perfect pairing for seafood.


The Atlantic Coast of France unveils a dynamic and diverse geography. Stretching from the rocky coastlines of Brittany to the sandy beaches of the Basque Country. Forested mountains, estuaries, salt marshes, and extensive dunes form a picturesque backdrop. The Atlantic’s influence is tangible, shaping the coast’s identity.


France’s Atlantic Coast has a rich tapestry of history. From ancient megaliths and Roman settlements to maritime exploits, pirate tales, and fortified ports. It bore witness to pivotal battles, both on land and sea, and was an important center for trade and exploration throughout the years.

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