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Tours in the Bordeaux Region


If you are looking for a France bike tour to discover the country’s wine, you are in the right place. France has many beautiful places to visit, and Bordeaux is an absolute must for wine lovers. If you are seeking fantastic food and a rich experience of French “art de vivre”, Bordeaux and the Gironde area is a great place to visit. It’s the perfect place to go on a wine tour, cycling through vineyards and discovering legendary Châteaux wines like St Emilion. But Bordeaux is more than renowned wine country. It is also the ideal place for those seeking to enjoy a cultural trip through French History with beautiful monuments and charming castles.

A must for wine lovers, the Bordeaux region is the perfect place to enjoy the French “art de vivre”, taste great wines and outstanding food.
Now only a 2-hour train ride from Paris, Bordeaux is the perfect entrance gate to the region. We recommend adding one extra day to explore the city and take the time to visit the new La Cité du Vin, a unique interactive and sensory experience retracing the history of wine throughout the world, the winemaking process, and of course the wine heritage in the Bordeaux area. At the top of this unique museum, you will be able to taste wines from around the world at the Belvedere, plus enjoy a unique view of the entire city. Bordeaux and its area are also full of history, with many sites to visit during your trip, such as the castle in Cadillac, the Bastide de Monsegur, and the city of Saint Emilion, a medieval UNESCO World Heritage Site
After your daily ride, sit back at a local café and enjoy a glass of wine with some cheese and charcuterie, and embrace the French lifestyle.

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Saint-André Cathedral

It is a unique gothic church, where famous weddings such as the union between Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis VII were held. It is often compared in size and style to the magnificent Notre-Dame in Paris. The cathedral’s north doorway is one of its finest features, having been richly decorated with exquisite sculptures depicting such events as the Last Supper and the Ascension.

The Big Bell

This bell dates back to the medieval times. It is the last remnant of the ramparts of the city. It was also used as a prison that some would call “The Gold Lion Hotel” because it has the symbol of England’s kings: a golden lion as a weathervane on the central dome. The bell itself weighs about 7750 kg!

Rue Sainte Catherine

Ste Catherine Street is the longest and main shopping street in Bordeaux. It’s a pedestrian street crossing the historic center of the city and links the Place de la Comédie where you can find the “Grand Théâtre” to the Place de la Victoire, with its cafés and shops it is the heart of Bordeaux.

Saint Emilion

The town was named after the monk Emilion, who lived there as a hermit in the 8th century. Meander through this medieval village, and discover its culture and history. You will be able to visit the Place du Clocher and climb the steps to the top of the Tour du Roy dating from 1237. From there you will have an amazing view of the legendary vineyards and Romanesque churches.


This French department is named after the Dordogne River, which runs towards Bordeaux and the Gironde estuary. Also known as Perigord, the Dordogne Valley offers lovely cycling on scenic routes, and through medieval towns such as Sarlat or Bergerac. There are even famous prehistorical sites to visit.


Le Bassin, as it’s called by the local people, is a perfect mix between a health care place with a specialisation in balneotherapy, one of the main osticulture center of France and an extraordinary site with La Dune du Pilat which is Europe’s longest and highest dune of sand. So, you will be able to eat oysters contemplating all the arcachon bay (from La dune du Pilat), and finish your day with the best bath you ever had.


From Pauillac to St Emilion to Pomerol some of the most famous French wines come from Bordeaux and on your trip to Bordeaux and Gironde you will be surrounded by vineyards and Chateaux. You can’t come to this region without going on a wine tour and tasting different Bordeaux wines!

Gironde also offers great food and you will have to try the specialties such as the oysters from the Bassin d’Arcachon or the delicious “cannelés Bordelais”, a small French pastry flavored with rum and vanilla and shaped like a cork.

BORDEAUX geography

Bordeaux is located on the Gironde estuary in the Southwest of France, where the Gironde River meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is the center of famous vineyards, between Medoc and Grave and is home to some of the most distinguished wines in the world such as St Emilion or Pomerol.

It is also very close to Dordogne, a French region also known as Perigord and famous for its wine and local food delicacies.

BORDEAUX history

From early times until today, the city of Bordeaux has flourished thanks to wine trade.

Originally a settlement of a Celtic tribe, Bordeaux became the capital of Roman Aquitaine when the Romans ruled the area. In the 12th century, it benefited from the wedding of the Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine with the soon to be King of England, Henry II. Later on and on several occasions, the French government relocated in Bordeaux when Paris was under attack or unsafe.

The city has always played an important part in the history of France, making it culturally rich and very interesting to visit.

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