Sardinia Island - From Alghero to Oristano

Spend a wonderful week biking around the rugged landscapes of the Sardinia island.
From the city of Alghero on the west coast, famous for its Catalan influence, you will follow the coast and beaches towards the beautiful Bosa. Then cycle on through medieval villages and roman towns, such as Santu Lussurgiu and Tharros, and all the way down to Oristano, rich in history as it was founded in the 11th century, and famous for its cuisine.

Sardinia has always been a popular escape spot - not only for its beautiful beaches - the waters rival the one in the Caribbean - but also due to its remote nature and landscapes. From the beaches to the mountains through forests and hilltop villages : Sardinia is not just a beach paradise, but a cyclist's dream too!

Price from : 1750€
Region : Sardinia
Duration : 7 Days / 6 Nights
Level :
Type : On the way
Category : Bike
Trip : Self-guided
Activity : Hybrid
Dates : Starts any day

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Day 1 :   Arrive in Alghero, Sardinia

Arrival in Alghero Airport and transfer to Hotel Villa Mosca on your own. Bike fitting to follow. The Sardinian town of Alghero is a lively and pretty city. It is famous because it has been dominated by Catalans and just here, some people even speak the Catalan language. The Mura Catalane (Catalan walls) still surround the old town center on the seaward side. The walls have towers and it is pleasant to walk along and have a drink at sunset before a fresh seafood dinner!

Day 2 :   Cycle to Bosa

Option 1 : 28 Miles - 45 Km  Option 2 : 39 Miles - 63 Km 
Elevation gain 1 : 810 Meters  Elevation gain 2 : 1244 Meters 

Bike ride from Alghero to Bosa skirting the coast. Leaving Alghero and pedaling on secondary roads you can admire the uneven north-west coast, shaped by Mistral wind, but no need to worry: the wind will be a tale wind. In Bosa you can admire the massive complex of the Castellodei Malaspina. Nature has done spectacular work along the coast of Bosa. The bastions overlooking the sea, the little, stony creeks and the wild scenery are all exclusive elements of this surprising landscape. Due to a series of quite unique events, Bosa has managed to keep its territory unchanged. They also produce a fine wine, Malvasia di Bosa, be sure to taste it!

Day 3 :   Loop ride around Bosa

Option 1 : 35 Miles - 57 Km  Option 2 : 41 Miles - 66 Km  Option 3 : 51 Miles - 82 Km 
Elevation gain 1 : 781 Meters  Elevation gain 2 : 1091 Meters  Elevation gain 3 : 1510 Meters 

  • Option 1: easy Starting from Bosa you'll climb to the beautiful plateau of Planargia, the homeland of Malvasia wine and where you can admire the particular white wine grapes that struggle to survive against the mistral wind. Continue cycling and you will arrive in Sindia and ride along the edge of Monti Ferru. Return to Bosa by crossing the terrific landscape of Porto Alabe.
  • Option 2: challenging - Round trip bike ride to Montresta, Padria, Suni, with an optional extension to Villanova Roccadoria. You leave Bosa biking upon beautiful highlands, viewing unforgettable landscapes. You will pass through Montresta la Greca, inhabited by descendants from Greece and admire from below the fascinating Monteleone Rocca Doria. There is the possibility, for those who want to ride more to visit Villanova Roccadoria, a wonderful town, perched in the top of the hill. This town was founded in the period of the Genoese domination (Doria was an important family from Genova), who ruled over part of the island during the low Medieval Ages.

Day 4 :   Cycle to Santu Lussurgiu

Option 1 : 32 Miles - 52 Km  Option 2 : 27 Miles - 43 Km 
Elevation gain 1 : 1064 Meters  Elevation gain 2 : 1150 Meters 

  • Option 1: easy with this ride you'll bike along country roads passing through small villages and you'll see the famous Siete Fuentes water sources in San Leonardo, where you can relax in the woods. Soon you will arrive in Santu Lussurgiu, admiring, while descending, the great plateau of Ghilarza and much of the south of Sardinia.
  • Option 2: Shorter BUT challenging Leaving from Bosa, you can bike along the sea, to go then up to the inland and pass through characteristic little villages such as Magomadas and Cuglieri. You'll come across lots of Nuraghe and suggestive lands, such as the plateau right before arriving in Santu Lussurgiu, which has been built at the edge of the massive inactive volcanic mountain called Montiferru (iron mountain). Here you will find the Montiferru castle. The village in which you will stay developed around the small rustic church of Holy Cross (built in 1185 A.D.) and has the characteristic structure of an amphitheater, with ancient stone houses built in concentric configuration along winding and steep narrow cobbled lanes you will love to explore!

    Breakfast & gourmet dinner included.

Day 5 :   Ride to Oristano

Option 1 : 37 Miles - 59 Km  Option 2 : 41 Miles - 66 Km 
Elevation gain 1 : 383 Meters  Elevation gain 2 : 180 Meters 

Option 1: Hobby.

Today is a pleasant ride through historical sites and wonderful landscapes. Leave Santu Lussurgiu and descend from the Monti Ferru volcanic area, you'll enter Paulilatino a little town where the old traditions of Sardinia are maintained by its residents. A few miles later, cycle on a gentle descent, you'll arrive in Fordongianus that rises on the banks of Tirso River. This village is important for the mineral water, baths and because it was an outpost of the Roman legions who fought against the barbarians of Sardinia. It is possible to admire the old roman ruins. Leaving the village, you follow the flow of the Tirso River to arrive in Oristano.

Option 2: Challenging.

Cycling toward the seaside and crossing small villages in Sardinian-spanish style. You will see domus de janas, dolmen e and nuraghes. You will pass through a lot of Punic and Roman ruins and you will be enthusiastic of the crystalline water and sandy beaches of the area! There’s also a particular Statue that wind carved in ages that is l’Arco di S’Archittu. riding though the Sinis Peninsula you'll arrive to the City of Oristano.

The town of Oristano is fantastic for his history who was founded with the brick of another city, Tharros, in the 11th century. enjoy the historical center of Oristano that is important for its culinary arts and we'll recommand restaurants which offer specialties of the area, like BOTTARGA or SEBADAS.

Day 6 :   Cycle to Tharros

Option 1 : 16 Miles - 25 Km  Option 2 : 31 Miles - 50 Km  Option 3 : 37 Miles - 60 Km 
Elevation gain 2 : 115 Meters 

Option 1: Active

Your ride is starting from Sinis Peninsula where the limp lagoons and snow-white beaches lend it an almost tropical air. Go to Tharros, an archaeological site near the village of San Giovanni di Sinis in the Province of Oristano before coming back to Oristano.

Option 2: Challenging

Today leave for the peninsula of “Sinis,” where there are plenty of ponds and lagoons and where, depending on the season, you will be able to see beautiful pink flamingos. You will pass through a lot of Punic and Roman ruins and you will be amazed by the crystalline water and sandy beaches of the area. You’ll pass through Riola Sardo and then ride over the Cabras lagoon, visit the ruins of the Punic-Roman port city of “Tharros” with a breathtaking view. The tour will continue in Marina di Torre Grande where you can stop for lunch at the restaurant “Da Giovanni” and taste his unforgettable peppered mussels. Return to the hotel by the bicycle path.

Option 3: Hobby

It's a shorter version you can use if you are feeling tired at the end trip.

Day 7 :   Leave Oristano

After breakfast, transfer provided to San Gavino train station. Trains to Cagliari or other destinations on the island.

Average / Day : Distance : 55.67 Km / 34.58 Miles - Elevation gain : 832.80 Meters

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Day : 1

Charme and Relax, Sea View, Care of details, romantic.
The rooms of Villa Mosca, offering all the services you would expect of a high-quality hotela courtesy toiletry set, a safe deposit box, two additional pillows, internet and wi-fi, a 32" TV with digital terrestrial and satellite channels, a minibar, air conditioning and heating, bath amenity, comfort and relax.
You will savour a rich buffet breakfast, offering everything from milk, coffee, tea and fruit juices to yoghurt, preserves, Nutella, fresh pastries and sweets, cereals, fresh fruit and a plethora of savoury foodstuffs. Your day will begin with the fragrance of the sea awakening your senses.

Day : 2, 3

The ancient Palazzo Sa Pischedda lies in the enchanting valley of the Malaspina Castle (1112) only 30 m from the historic old Bridge and the Temo River. EMILIO SCHERER SIG. MURONI The Art Nouveau building was built by the former owner Mr. Muroni following the great urban evolution and commercial development of Bosa. This building was built in 1896 and still holds ancient frescoes painted by Emilio Scherer (Parma 1845 - Bosa 1924) . Now Bosa is one of the largest towns in Sardinia and specialises in the production of leather, fruit, vegetables, tuna and wine, trading within Sardinia and abroad. The hotel is located a few metres from the Sas Conzas old tanneries, which used to be a place of residence for people of all kinds of social standings, such as judges, engineers, bankers, landowners and horsemen. During your stay you can also request to see the old registration cards and the hotels ancient records which give you a sense of the history, culture and charm, unique to Bosa.

Day : 4

The Antica Dimora del Gruccione is a 17th century mansion of Spanish design, entirely made of stone with arches, barrelled ceilings, wooden beams and ancient wrought iron throughout the structure, and furnished with confortable original antiques, many from the family of the owner. Located in the historical center of Santu Lussurgiu, a medieval village rich in traditions that is situated on Montiferru, a beautiful mountain region in the province of Oristano, the Antica Dimora del Gruccione is an albergo diffuso.

Day : 5, 6

The hotel is an historic palace, built in the middle of the 19th Century and is known as one of the highest expressions of the Sardinian architecture. The hotel is located in the historic city center of Oristano that enjoys a special and strategic position: this is an ideal spot for those who want to enjoy the city center between the palaces and shopping streets.

Bikes available for your tour

The characteristics of this bike are presented as an example and are not guaranteed
Please note that any bike changes during the trip may incur an extra fee.

Hybrid bike - Standard
FLAT BAR - ( or equivalent)

we put together the disc brake for the stability and the reliability of braking and the compact gear with 42 teeth in the back, an advanced gearing concept that helps maintain rider efficiency.

About disc brake we have the advantage of the power – it generate an incredible amount of stopping power, usually far more than is necessary to adequately stop a road bicycle and Reliable, all weather braking.
For the rest is an hybrid with straight handlebars, lightweight with hybrid wheels ad narrow tires for low rolling resistance allowing for greater speed and less exertion when riding on paved road.

  • Frame: Aluminum frame Fork: Full carbon Chain ring: Shimano Deore XT 38/28 - compact
  • Cassette: Shimano Deore XT 11/42 - 11 speed Brakes: Shimano Deore XT Saddle: Selle Italia
  • Wheel set: Shimano VH-RX010 Weight: 10 kg
  • Size: S, M, L

• 1 new bottle

• Helmet

• Odometer

• Lock

• Pump frame


1 Handlebar bag with rain cover containing : Tire levers / 2 Spare tubes / Toolkit


• Pedals are included, flat by default or toe straps on request. If you want to use your bike shoes, you should bring your own pedals + pedal wrench : we will be happy to install them on your bike.



Roadbook for Discovery allows you to travel freely with all the information you need for your trip: Stages, points of interest, itineraries with interactive guidance, travel documents.

All in offline mode, you download your file before leaving, then you have all the information necessary for your trip. (Phone not provided).


Our roadbooks are complete packages of information that will help you to guide yourself through the itinerary that we have planned and laid out. We have invested significant time and incorporated the feedback of our customers over many years (since 1997!) to make our roadbooks even better. Our roadbooks include: color maps, highlighted routes, touristic information, orientation points to reach hotels, and easy to follow step by step directions (cue-sheets). Please note that for custom itineraries you will not have cue sheets. Only maps and GPS routes.


Our Travelbooks are complete packages of information that will help you to guide yourself through the itinerary that we have planned and laid out. You will find information about the hotels, itinerary, regional informations...

Daily Elevation Profiles
Average / Day : Distance : 55.67 Km / 34.58 Miles - Elevation gain : 832.80 Meters
Day 2 :   Cycle to Bosa

Option 1: 28 Miles - 45 Km  Elevation gain 1 : 810 Meters 

Option 2: 39 Miles - 63 Km  Elevation gain 2 : 1244 Meters 

Day 3 :   Loop ride around Bosa

Option 1: 35 Miles - 57 Km  Elevation gain 1 : 781 Meters 

Day 4 :   Cycle to Santu Lussurgiu

Option 1: 32 Miles - 52 Km  Elevation gain 1 : 1064 Meters 

Day 5 :   Ride to Oristano

Option 1: 37 Miles - 59 Km  Elevation gain 1 : 383 Meters 

Option 2: 41 Miles - 66 Km  Elevation gain 2 : 180 Meters 

Option 2: 31 Miles - 50 Km  Elevation gain 2 : 115 Meters 


  • 6 nights of accommodation in superior hotels of charm with private shower and/or bath
  • Daily breakfast at each hotel, 1 dinner included
  • Hybrid bike rental included
  • Orientation in person with our local guide
  • Detailed ROAD BOOK, including details maps, touristic information, step by step itinerary and cue sheets
  • Guidance Application (phone not provided)
  • All luggage transfers
  • Comprehensive trip literature
  • Technical and emergency support available at all times

What's not included

  • Airfare to and from the trip
  • Lodging before and after the trip
  • Drinks
  • Some meals are not included in each destination, which gives you the opportunity to explore regional cuisine on your own. You will find all information needed with our team support in your roadbook.

Informations & Recommendations

Airport Arrival:Alghero
Airport departure: Cagliari

The best way to get in Sardinia is by plane - but there are many ferries from Civitavecchia (Rome); from Piombino and Livorno (Tuscany): from Naples (Campania) ; from Genoa (Liguria) and from Marseille (france) and connect different port in the island: Porto Torres, Olbia, Cagliari, Arbatax...

To reach the first hotel from Alghero airport, bus available or by taxi.

The tour ends in Oristano. You can take a train directly to Cagliari Airport or back to Alghero in about 3 hours.

Tour rates

Contact our tour consultants for more information and an exact rate based upon your travel dates.

Price from* & per person Double occupancy Single supplement
(traveling with a group)
Standard 1750 € 400 €
*Rates vary according to hotel availability and specific start date. Please contact us for triple room rates


Guidance Application Included
Biking Roadbook Included
Travelbook Included

Bikes available

Bikes available Options per person
Road Bike Rental
    Standard 120 €
Electric assist bike
    Standard 160 €

Please note that any bike changes during the trip may incur an extra fee.
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