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Brittany Tours


Brittany, Bretagne in French, is a region located in the north-west of France. It has over 1,700 miles of beautiful coastline including the famous pink granite coast, and is sought out by tourists for its beaches, mild weather and breathtaking landscapes. But visitors also come to Brittany to visit the famous Mont St Michel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and to explore the city of St Malo and eat oysters in Cancal. Cycling around Brittany, you will experience its unique culture and rich traditions, with strong Celtic influences.

Brittany is all about getting away from it all, whether you are cycling along the Pink Granite coast, visiting an oyster farm in Cancale, or exploring the local villages with their cobbled streets.
During your trip with us you will be able to visit some charming cities such as Saint Malo, with its renowned walls, and Dinard, also known as the French Riviera of Brittany, with its large villas and luxury hotels.
Brittany also boasts one of France’s oldest cultures, dating back to the Celtic times, before the Romans’ arrival in 56 BC. Proud of its origins, the Breton dialect is still spoken nowadays, and throughout the region you can visit several dolmen and menhirs ancient sites, perfect examples of the region’s long history.
Brittany is also a land of legends: King Arthur, Merlin, the Lady of the Lake… they all are part of local folklore.

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Mont st michel

Mont Saint Michael is located in between the two regions of Brittany and Normandy. The Mount and its abbey is the second-most visited site in France and an architectural gem. Accessible at low tide, it has been a monastery since the 8th century and served as a prison during the French Revolution. The view of the Mont, from across the water is breathtaking. And the view of Brittany from the Bay is just as wonderful.

St malo

This walled city retains a lot of history. Located by the sea, it was once the home of pirates and was nearly destroyed by bombings during WWII. The city’s ramparts, the fort of Saint Malo and the Cathedral are reminders of these ancient times. Make sure you take time to explore the city.

pink granite coast

Côte de Granite Rose, located on the far western point of Brittany. This 30 km stretch of coastline offers a spectacular sight not to be missed. It has become famous due to the uncommon pink and orange color of its sand and rocks. Cycling along the Pink Granite Coast is an unforgettable experience!

neolithic stone age monuments

The large stones scattered throughout the countryside and forests in various patterns and rows offer a testament to the region’s ancient roots. Despite the fact that they’ve been around since before the Pyramids were built, their purpose still remains a mystery. Cycling around the region you will likely encounter two types of stone monuments: Dolmen, which resemble a table top, and Menhir, long structures which stand upright.

culture and tradition

People from Brittany are proud of their traditions and culture and over the years have found a way to successfully merge them with the modern world and technological advances. This creates a unique cultural experience for visitors who can still hear the traditional language of Breton (Celtic language) being spoken and dine on traditional cuisine. Cycling through Brittany offers a glimpse into a truly unique region and the people who call it home.

Brittany food and wine

Make sure to try the fresh seafood served on a bed of crushed ice: oysters, clams, mussels, large prawns and many other delicacies from the sea. Crepes (thin pancakes made from wheat flour) and galettes (made from buckwheat flour) are also a Brittany specialty. Sweet or savory, they are delicious!

As in Normandy, cider and Calvados (a brandy made from distilled apple cider) are famous drinks from Brittany.


Brittany is located on the northwest peninsula of France. It is famous for its wild coasts and cliffs but also for its scenic countryside and forests. Some of the most famous cities include Brest (a port famous for the role it played during WW II), Lorient (founded in 1666 by the Company of India), Rennes (the historical capital of Brittany) and Saint-Malo (an old privateer city).

The beauty of Brittany and the mild weather attract an increasing amount of people to places such as: Cancal, Dinard, Dinan, Perros-Guirec, Quiberon…

Brittany HISTORY

Brittany France, aka Bretagne, is the country of the menhirs, dolmens, and of legends. A long time ago the region was part of Armorica, the center of a group of Cymric Celtic tribes. The Romans under Julius Caesar invaded the country in 56 AD, and it then became a Roman province. After the withdrawal of the Romans around the 5th and 6th century, Celtic natives of Britain (Grande Bretagne), called the Britons, took refuge in Armorica from invaders of their homeland.

The Brittany people are proud of their roots and the Breton dialect is still spoken. It has been officially recognized as a language and is taught in high school and universities.

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