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Cycling tours in Paris


Treat yourself to a France bike tour around the « Ville Lumière ». Explore the enchanting streets of Paris with our tailored « Paris Bike Tour » experiences, offering unique adventures such as the « Veloscenie from Paris to Nogent le Rotrou ». Pedal from the heart of Paris, unveiling the city’s iconic landmarks, to the charming town of Nogent le Rotrou. This cycling escapade combines the allure of Parisian streets with the tranquility of the French countryside, promising an unforgettable biking experience for enthusiasts of all levels.

Join us for unparalleled biking adventures, where the magic of Paris comes to life on two wheels. Whether tracing the Veloscenie from Paris to Nogent le Rotrou, our Paris Bike Tours promise an extraordinary blend of culture, history, and cycling joy.

Experience the beauty of Paris through the must-see Veloscenie cycling tour from Paris to Nogent le Rotrou. This enchanting journey spans five days, allowing you to explore Paris, the Vallée de la Chevreuse, the Rambouillet forest, and the Chateau de Nogent le Rotrou. Immerse yourself in picturesque landscapes, revealing the diverse facets of French culture.

To enhance your adventure, consider starting your Veloscenie tour from Paris, passing through Versailles, Rambouillet, Chartres, and finally reaching Nogent le Rotrou. This microadventure offers a unique experience, taking you through Eure-et-Loir, Illiers-Combray, and Courtalain Saint-Pellerin.

Plan your itinerary with these 7 suggested activities for your Veloscenie cycling holiday, ensuring a memorable exploration along the Paris to Mont St Michel Veloscenie bike route. Keep in mind that certain portions of the tour may require you to push your bike, providing a unique and challenging cycling experience.

Embark on the Veloscenie from Paris to Nogent le Rotrou for an unforgettable journey, discovering the scenic beauty and cultural richness between these two captivating locations.

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Scenic Cycling Adventure
The Veloscenie from Paris to Nogent-le-Rotrou is renowned for being one of the most picturesque cycling paths in France, aptly named a « green way. » The itinerary is designed for cyclists of all skill levels, offering a flat profile that makes it perfect for family or group outings. The journey spans from the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to the charming town of Nogent-le-Rotrou.
Nature’s Beauty Unveiled
As cyclists traverse the Veloscenie, they are treated to a five-day adventure that unfolds the stunning landscapes of the Vallée de la Chevreuse. The route showcases diverse natural scenery, from fields of wheat to picturesque countryside, providing an immersive experience into the beauty of the French countryside. Riders can revel in the serenity of nature as they pedal through this carefully curated route.
Rich Cultural Exploration
Beyond its natural allure, the Veloscenie offers a cultural journey, allowing cyclists to explore historical sites and charming villages along the way. From the historic Chartres to the delightful Nogent-le-Rotrou in the Perche region, riders can immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of France, making the journey not just a physical adventure but a cultural exploration.
Tailored Cycling Experience

Organized tours provide a well-structured and enjoyable experience for cyclists. With a five-day itinerary and four nights’ stay, riders can comfortably explore the Veloscenie, appreciating the beauty and culture of each location. These guided tours enhance the overall cycling experience, making it accessible and enjoyable for cyclists of varying abilities.

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