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Tours in Burgundy


Among all our France bike tours, our bike tours in Burgundy are among the prettiest. With its charming countryside, peaceful atmosphere, and pure air, the French region of Burgundy is the ideal destination for those seeking to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. It is known in particular for the famous Burgundy wines such as Chablis or Meursault, and its culinary delights. The historical city of Beaune, with its beautiful Hospice, is also worth seeing. The friendly people and laid-back atmosphere make this the perfect relaxing getaway, and the beautiful landscapes are the perfect backdrop for leisure cycling. France certainly has its share of beautiful places to visit, but perhaps none is as serene and inviting as Burgundy. If leisure and relaxation are what you are seeking, and you enjoy casually strolling or cycling through beautiful pastures and vineyards while enjoying fine wine and delicious food, then Burgundy should be first on your travel itinerary.

Enjoy life’s simple pleasures during your trip to Burgundy. While cycling towards the green hills of this peaceful region, you will be able to stop to explore the local heritage sites, or visit one of the many vineyards and have a taste of the great Burgundy wines.
The Hospices de Beaune are the must-see of your trip. This hospital founded in 1443 during the Middle Ages is easily recognizable thanks to its colorful tiled roof, typical of the local architecture. One-of-a-kind, the Hospices also own a 60 hectare wine estate, and the prestigious wine produced there is only sold at auction on the third Sunday of November.
With other renowned wines such as Nuits Saint Georges, Chablis and Mersault, Burgundy is a real heaven on Earth for wine enthusiasts from all over the world.
Here you can also explore the quaint atmosphere of the French countryside cycling along the Burgundy Canal just outside of Dijon. Don’t forget to have a taste of the local mustard !

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A wine lover’s haven, the town of Beaune is the capital of the Burgundy wine region. It’s described as majestic, with its cobbled streets and bountiful boutiques. Beaune is known for the Hospices de Beaune, a charitable institution once used to hospitalize the poor and needy: and its colorful tiled roof recognizable from afar. Also known as the Hôtel-Dieu, it was founded in the 15th century and surrounds a beautiful inner courtyard. Nowadays, this museum is host to the annual charity wine auction. Once in Beaune, make sure to visit the “Musee des Vins de Bourgogne” (a museum dedicated to Burgundy wines), and the “Moutarderie”, which holds an interactive exhibition about mustard!

All of our Burgundy Biking and Hiking tours stops in the city of Beaune.


Visitors to Burgundy should not miss its historical capital, Dijon, famous for its strong mustard. With its rich history dating back to Roman times, it has evolved into a friendly town that offers a wide variety of food, culture, shopping and nightlife – something for everyone! Our food and wine tours stop in Dijon.

Château de Ancy-le-Franc

This incredible work of architecture was once described by The Marquise de Sévigné as a French building ‘in Italian dress’. A must-see for any visitor to Burgundy, the château is perfectly symmetrical and surrounds a beautiful central courtyard. The interior boasts lofty carved ceilings, Italian tiled floors, and endless decorative details. It is also home to the finest collection of mural paintings in all of France.

Cycling tours

The Burgundy countryside is the perfect atmosphere for leisure bike rides, and visitors will experience a brush with medieval history they won’t forget. Tiny villages, manor farms and millhouses, exquisite parish churches and open-air stone laundries by trickling streams are the soul of rural France and perfect for cycling vacations!


There are many festivals in Burgundy. From the Dijon Antic Fair in May to the various food and wine fairs year round, not to mention the Formula One French Grand Prix Race at Magny – in early July, there is something for everyone to enjoy! If you are in Burgundy in late June, do not miss the Blues festival in Le Creusot and if you come in November you will have the opportunity to attend Les Trois Glorieuses (a wine fair) in Beaune, the Dijon International Gastronomic Fair, or the Chablis Wine Festival! If you come at another time of the year, there are events coming up every month!

burgundy food and wine

Burgundy is home to France’s most famous wine producing regions, and its products are known and enjoyed worldwide. Names like Beaune, Nuits-St-Georges, Chablis, and Meursault all hail from this region, where Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are grown extensively.

The vineyards south of Dijon divide into two distinct regions, Cote de Nuits, grouping most of the region’s prestigious reds, and Cote de Beaune, with reds only slightly less famous but still very good. Our Burgundy Bike and Hiking Tours will take you through all of the most famous vineyards.

In addition to the famous wine selection, Burgundy offers visitors delicious local foods, from traditional to gourmet. Dishes such as coq au vin (chicken cooked in wine) and beef bourguinon (beef simmered in red wine with mushrooms, small white onions and chunks of bacon) are world renowned. For a truly French culinary experience, try the snails: Escargots!
For cheese lovers, Epoisses and Soumaintrain are famous Burgundy cheeses, very rich in flavor. And of course, your Burgundy experience would not be complete without trying the famous Dijon Mustard.

burgundy geography

The hills and plains of Burgundy are located in the east-central part of France, between the Morvan and the Vosges mountains. Burgundy is well-known for its wines, its fine gastronomy and also for its Roman architecture in Vezelay, Autun, and the noble ruins of Cluny.
The capital of Burgundy is Dijon where the famous mustard comes from. The region is rich in wheat and barley agriculture and wines. The best-known area is the Cote d’Or, home of the best Burgundy vineyards and the “Route du Vin” famous since the time of the Gallo-roman: Gevrey-Chambertin, Clos-Vougeot, Vosne-Romanee, Pommard, Meusault,…The vineyards south of Dijon divide into two distinct regions, Cote de Nuits, grouping most of the region’s prestigious reds, and Cote de Beaune, with reds only slightly less famous but still very good. Our Burgundy Bike and Hiking Tours will take you through all of the most famous vineyards.

burgundy history

During the 5th century A.D., a Germanic tribe called the Burgundians invaded and established the first kingdom of Burgundy in France. In 534, the Burgundians were conquered by the Merovingian rulers of the Francs and became part of the Carolingian Empire. Later, the region was divided in 2: the Duchy of Burgundy to the west (more or less the actual Burgundy), and the Free County of Burgundy to the east.
In the 15th century, the duchy of Burgundy with its court in Dijon dominated the French court economically and culturally. The situation led to a war, which allowed France to annex the old Duchy.

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