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Cycling Tours in Spain


Are you looking for a sunny European bike tour? Are you looking for a sunny European bike tour? Located in Northern Spain, Catalonia is a land with a lot of character. From the mountains passing through medieval towns and all the way to the Costa Brava coastline, it is the perfect place for a Spanish cycling vacation. And what’s more, you can enjoy warm pleasant weather year long. The diverse geography, cultural heritage, and spectacular coastal scenery of the Costa Brava with its hidden coves and splendid beaches make Catalonia a top tourist destination in Spain. Visit Girona and its medieval atmosphere, learn more about the great Catalan artist Salvador Dali in Pubol, relax by the Mediterranean Sea… and don’t forget this is also the region of tapas and sangria! Don’t miss out!

Catalonia, with its vibrant blend of Mediterranean landscapes and Gothic architecture, offers cyclists a rich palette of experiences. From the artistic streets of Barcelona, boasting Gaudí’s iconic Sagrada Família, to the intriguing town of Figueres, the birthplace of Salvador Dalí, riders are immersed in a world where history, art, and natural beauty converge. As you pedal along Catalonia’s coastline and through its hinterland, you’ll encounter medieval villages, sun-kissed beaches, and rolling vineyards.

Further south lies Andalucía, a realm of flamenco rhythms and Moorish legacies. The dramatic town of Ronda, perched atop a deep gorge, provides breathtaking views and narrow cobblestone streets echoing with tales of matadors and romance. Andalucía’s undulating landscapes of olive groves and whitewashed villages beckon cyclists with a mix of challenging terrains and cultural richness. Together, Catalonia and Andalucía offer an unparalleled Iberian cycling adventure.

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Costa Brava

From the French border down to the town of Blanes stretches the Costa Brava, The northern coastline of Spain is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Cycling along the coastal roads, you will appreciate the different landscapes of the Costa Brava: a mixture of beautiful sandy beaches and cliffs. The name “Costa Brava” means Rugged Coast in Spanish.

Salvador Dali’s home

One of the most famous and eccentric artists of the XX century, Salvador Dali was born and raised in Figueres, Catalonia. It is near-by, in the village of Pubol, that he bought a castle for his wife Gala. Our cycling tour will take you to The Castle of Pubol, also called the Gala Dali Castle, where you can learn more about this great artist. The influence of Salvador Dali can be seen all around Catalonia.

Spanish Food & Wine

If tapas are the most famous culinary tradition of Catalonia, there is much more to be discovered and not only the famous paellas! Make sure you indulge in the Escalivada (grilled vegetables), the Pa amb tomaquet (bread dipped in oil, tomato and garlic) or the Crema catalana (a creamy dessert made of egg yolks and milk). Sangria is another well-known product of Catalonia, but you must also discover the delicious local Spanish wines.

Girona & Catalan heritage

You will find in Catalonia unique medieval cities like Girona, port and tourist towns like Sant Feliu de Guixols, fishing villages such as Palamos, and beaches with pristine waters like in Tamariu. The diversity of the landscapes and the rich history of Catalonia make it a perfect destination for an active vacation.


The Capital of Catalonia is also the second biggest city in Spain. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, it is a historical city with plenty to discover: the Barri Gotic, the old city center, the Art Nouveau architecture and the Gaudi buildings – the Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous. Historical monuments, museums, parks and beaches: the Capital of Catalonia has it all!

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