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Self-guided walking tours

Your hike in freedom, organized down to the last detail

Discover France’s “free” self-guided walking tours are a unique specialty. What makes these trips special is that they offer you a perfectly organized trip, but without the services of a guide and without unnecessary constraints.

When you choose a self-guided walking tour in France or Europe, you choose the time you want to wake up, the time you want to leave, the breaks you want to take, the visits you want to make, the menu at the restaurant – all with complete freedom to make the most of your vacation.

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An ideal format and premium service

Once you’ve chosen the walking tour of your dreams, we’ll do our utmost to accompany you in freedom, right down to the smallest detail.

app for self-guided walking tours

Day by day, the walking routes designed by our team of experts allow you to discover the most enchanting paths, the most beautiful places and the most stunning landscapes. Thanks to our simple guidance application loaded onto your phone, following the routes is a breeze, with no risk of getting lost.

All your accommodations will of course be reserved in advance by our travel consultants. All our hotels have been carefully selected for their charm and their ability to deliver a high level of comfort and hospitality.

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luggage transport to hotel

Every day, our team transfers your luggage to the next accommodation. You carry only what you need for the day in your backpack. Your luggage awaits you at the arrival hotel, before you enjoy a shower and a well-deserved rest.

To answer all your needs and questions, our travel consultants offer assistance seven days a week. Safety, comfort and peace of mind are our core values, and we are committed to satisfying you from start to finish.

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