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Self-guided bike tours

Your adventure in freedom, organized down to the last detail

Once you have chosen the bike vacation of your dreams, our mission is to guide you freely, down to the smallest detail. The day before your departure, one of our receptionists will be on site to give you all the details of your trip: routes, iconic places, visits and accommodations. He or she will also give you a detailed explanation of how our high-quality bikes work, especially our electrically assisted bicycles. There’s always a friendly moment to answer all your questions.

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An ideal format and premium service

At Discover France, we were one of the very first tour operators to offer self-guided cycling tours in France and Europe. Unlike our guided stays, the characteristic of self-guided stays is to offer you a seamless organization but without imposing the services of a guide. 

With a self-guided bike tour, you choose when you want to wake up, the time you want to leave, the breaks you want to take, the visits you want to make, the menu at the restaurant – all with complete freedom to make the most of your vacation.

app for self-guided tour

Day by day, the cycling routes designed by our team of experts allow you to discover the most beautiful places and landscapes in the regions we cover. With our easy-to-use guidance app that you download to your phone, following the tours is a breeze with no chance of getting lost.

All your accommodations have been pre-booked by our travel consultants. All of our hotels have been carefully selected for their charm and their ability to provide a high level of comfort and hospitality. 

hotel in french city
luggage transport to hotel

Each day, our team transports your luggage from one accommodation to the next. On the bike, you carry in your panniers only what you need for the day. Your luggage awaits you at the arrival hotel, before your shower and a well-deserved rest.

Our travel consultants are available seven days a week to answer all your needs and questions. Safety, comfort and tranquility are our core values, with the commitment to satisfy you from the beginning to the end of your trip.