Rental Bikes for our Cycling Tours

At Discover France Adventures, we own our own bikes! We employ professonal mechanics to look after all rental bikes as well as our regular professional service to the local customers.

Scott Sportster

Our lead bike on all DFA tours is the Scott hybrid.
The SCOTT Sportster 30 - hybrid bike is featured on all of the Discover France tours. All bikes are turned over every year to 2 years and is the reason for different models on what is essentially the same bike. Of note: this model is a superior quality all terrain bike that we call a hybrid. It is meant for the road or dirt surfaces that are relatively wide and free of obects.

Scott Solace 30

We are pleased to offer Scott Solace 30 road bikes on most of our tours in the France and on all Tour de France and challenging cycling tours.
The SCOTT Solace 30 provides everything you need to be at ease on the road. With an HMF Carbon fiber frame, and incorporation of Power and Comfort Zones, the Solace 30 allows you to have a stiff and responsive frame without compromising any comfort. The Solace 30 is ideal for those who want to hit the road without any worries.

Scott E-Venture

The SCOTT E-Venture 30 bike is featured on almost all our Tours.
Of note: the E venture 30 is the latest addition to the electrical category with modern design and high-end performance. It’s geometry can be classified as Hybrids bikes. It is meant for the road or dirt surfaces that are relatively wide and free of objects.

You are responsible for the bikes. Bikes are delivered to each participant based on height. They are sized as close as possible but they remain rentals and may take some minor adjustments. The quality is top notch for rentals. Our mechanics review every bike after each rental to prepare for the next use. WHILE ON TOUR: remember that YOU must know how to fix a flat. We give you the tools, but we are not on call to fix that. We will resolve any other mechanical issues if they should arise.

Other Equipment

We also operate tours for other tour companies and supply equipment such as our vans, trailers, bikes, mechanics, guides, etc to private tour groups, other tour companies, and we operate tours under other companies brand names. Below are some of the equipment and services. Contact us for quotes.

Discover France van

Discover France trailer

Vans with roof racks or pulling trailers: see pictures below. Prices quoted on case by case basis. Advance booking required.

Guides, mechanics, and logistics support staff: when we use the title guide, we are referring exclusively to our professionally licensed and certified guides in France. We never use student leaders, or enthusiastic cyclists without the degree in such a role of responsibility and liability. We do have staff and large resource list of contacts who meet "logistics' coordinators and can also act as trip leaders. People who speak French and know cycling and the culture that can handle the day to day arrangements of a trip. About mechanics; they are professionally trained in France and earn a living doing their craft.


  • 2013 - awarded Most Active Partner by France Tourism Development Agency Atout France
  • 2010 - National Geographic Adventure magazine named our Tour des Pyrenees one of the 25 Best New Trips
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  • "Everything was very well coordinated. We hope to take another tour next year!"
    - Anne A.
  • "We had a wonderful time and the choices that we were given with Discover France with regard to accommodations and tours were the best!"
    - Heather H.
  • "We travelled through some of the most beautiful villages of France, enjoyed fine regional cuisine, and slept well at night after a good day of exercise."
    - Terry Theman
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